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Petar Petrov

Bill Burr, it's funny cause it's true | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Bill Burr, it’s funny cause it’s true

Stand-up comedy is without a doubt the best vocation for edgy individuals and borderline assholes who like to speak their witty minds. Which category Bill Burr falls into is for everyone to decide for themselves, but one thing is certain – hardly anyone takes as much advantage of this unprecedented freedom of speech as he does....
How sad music makes the bitter feel sweet | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

How sad music makes the bitter feel sweet

There are times when art makes us experience emotions and ideas that we might not have even experienced in real life. At other times, it becomes a dreamcatcher, bringing to the surface the subtle thoughts from the depths of our minds and the nuanced feelings from the bottom of our hearts, and capturing them for us to understand. There is hardly any other art form where this beautiful power is as palpable as it is in music, and more specifically - sad music....
Why trance is as real as any music | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Why trance is as real as any music

Mediocrity, whatever form it comes in, is rarely accompanied by large fluctuations in opinions because it simply can’t provoke enough investment and emotion. Hardly any other music genre falls on both ends of the love-and-hate spectrum the same way electronic music's most melodic and stirring manifestations - trance....
Samurai Jack - Cartoon Network 90's Revival

What would a 90’s revival mean?

Reviving some of the animated classics from the 90's would surely get a lot of nostalgic people hyped. But unless a remake, whatever form it might come in, manages to capture their original essence and give it a fresh spin rather than just be more bait, I’d say some things are better off left in the past....

Petar Petrov

Petar loves stories in all shapes and forms, whether they come from the imagination, or are real-life moments, captured and told in imaginative ways. Writing gives him the chance to focus on making his own stories - through words, traveling, having a social excuse to drink a bit more than others, or staying in his pijamas all day long.

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