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Just our “humble” opinions

Tupac Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I mean…it is called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a reason

For the second year in a row the most talked about inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame isn't from rock, but rap; and for the second year in row there's a lot of bitching about whether or not hip-hop belongs. For a long time, I have been adamantly for it because classic hip-hop definitely shares that same spirit and feeling that birth rock and roll. But as it's grown and evolved as a genre it's become clearer than ever that it's time they cut the cord....
Oscars 2017 Diversity

2017 was probably the most diverse year ever for the Oscars and it wasn’t manufactured…well mostly

2017 was just what the Academy needed after the past few years' increasing outcry over the Oscars' lack of diversity. They bounced back with a record list of diversity that almost seemed too good to be true. But ultimately I chalk it up to more lucky coincidence than manufactured inclusion, and it's brought us one step closer to our films truly becoming art imitating life and the world around us....
Chance the Rapper Grammys 2017

Chance the Rapper’s Grammy wins were monumental, and not just for him

Chance the Rapper had a monumental year that was capped off perfectly by his massive wins at this years Grammys. Those wins, enabled by a recent rule modification spurred on by the success of Coloring Book, were not only wins for Chance himself, but all independent artists, streaming services, and even more added pressure to traditional labels already struggling to adapt to this ever evolving landscape. It was sweet sweet validation and just the beginning signal of what's to come....
mumble rap

Personality lasts a lifetime…Or does it??

Much to the ire of "old heads", 2016 was undeniably the rise of "mumble" rap, as more and more artists with little to no actual lyrical ability began to gain significant stature in the culture. But is this a sign of a new, less skilled direction for hip-hop? Or is it just a normal cycle that all genres of music go through?...
Bad Boy Records

What could’ve, should’ve, and would’ve been Bad Boy Records

Bad Boy Records has been at it for 20+ years and their recent outpouring of nostalgia inducing collections and concerts has left me wondering about what could've, should've, and would've been Bad Boy Records. If it wasn't for some untimely losses, poor signings, and the rise of Sean Combs as a star, they'd go down as the greatest "urban" label ever....
Comic books mythology

There are new gods atop Mount Olympus

Over the decades comic books have matured and developed into true mythology with their heroes (and antiheroes), villians, and extraordinary tales that both teach and reflect the true nature of the world. Their stories have become more complex and layered, and a massive, rich universe has developed from them thanks to the likes of Jim Lee and Jack Kirby. Superman, Batman, and Spiderman stand as beacons of our morals and virtues; and their incredible tales and origins are what we'll be passing on to our next generation. So move over Zeus, Hercules, Odysseus; there are new gods atop Mount Olympus....

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