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Come on now, Netflix's Death Note wasn't that bad | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Come on now, Netflix’s Death Note wasn’t that bad

Sometimes an adaption can actually work if we don't get too serious. We don't need to over-think the series or the hundreds of episodes that came before it. By cutting out large chunks of the backstory and mythology, Death Note's not entirely beholden to the original work. This gives us a fresh representation of a first-encounter creature feature, and the film's strength lies in building on the source material without going overly in depth. Instead it relies on grounding the film on its core concepts and simplifying the plot just enough to engage....
Why trance is as real as any music | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Why trance is as real as any music

Mediocrity, whatever form it comes in, is rarely accompanied by large fluctuations in opinions because it simply can’t provoke enough investment and emotion. Hardly any other music genre falls on both ends of the love-and-hate spectrum the same way electronic music's most melodic and stirring manifestations - trance....

Synths literally made the ’80s

Synthesizers took the '80s by storm - changing the landscape of popular music and pop culture at large in the process. As musicians embraced the emerging technology, their own sound and style transformed into everything we remember the era for....
Enter a void filled with Stranger Things | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Enter a void filled with Stranger Things

With Season 2 fast approaching (October 27) it's almost time delve back into the show's fantastic world of nostalgia inducing pop culture references, incredible acting, and strange supernatural creatures. If you haven't jumped on the Stranger Things bandwagon yet, then what are you waiting for?...
Why do people love Pennywise? | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Why do people love Pennywise?

Yes, Pennywise is scary as hell, but the clown itself serves a purpose for the story and taps directly into our shared emotions and inner children, all while being an absolute spectacle to behold. And because of that, we love him....
O.T. Fagbenle

O.T. Fagbenle fills the demand for outstanding actors

Today's productions demand actors that can move people. O.T. Fagbenle is one of those rising stars that is answering that call. The British-Nigerian actor has added many accomplishments to his name. The latest production to feature his talents is The Handmaiden's Tale, an adaption of Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel and the way O.T. Fagbenle manages to connect with his audience convinces me that there is much more he has to offer....
Why filmmakers should listen to more music | Damien Chazelle | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Why filmmakers should listen to more music

Damien Chazelle's massive success as a director and storyteller are not only due to his innate talent for film making but also his appreciation and understanding of musicality; in particular with jazz. Filmmakers should listen to more music to give a musicality to the rhythm of their films and dynamic pulses of emotion....
Samurai Jack - Cartoon Network 90's Revival

What would a 90’s revival mean?

Reviving some of the animated classics from the 90's would surely get a lot of nostalgic people hyped. But unless a remake, whatever form it might come in, manages to capture their original essence and give it a fresh spin rather than just be more bait, I’d say some things are better off left in the past....
Tupac Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I mean…it is called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a reason

For the second year in a row the most talked about inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame isn't from rock, but rap; and for the second year in row there's a lot of bitching about whether or not hip-hop belongs. For a long time, I have been adamantly for it because classic hip-hop definitely shares that same spirit and feeling that birth rock and roll. But as it's grown and evolved as a genre it's become clearer than ever that it's time they cut the cord....
Oscars 2017 Diversity

2017 was probably the most diverse year ever for the Oscars and it wasn’t manufactured…well mostly

2017 was just what the Academy needed after the past few years' increasing outcry over the Oscars' lack of diversity. They bounced back with a record list of diversity that almost seemed too good to be true. But ultimately I chalk it up to more lucky coincidence than manufactured inclusion, and it's brought us one step closer to our films truly becoming art imitating life and the world around us....
Chance the Rapper Grammys 2017

Chance the Rapper’s Grammy wins were monumental, and not just for him

Chance the Rapper had a monumental year that was capped off perfectly by his massive wins at this years Grammys. Those wins, enabled by a recent rule modification spurred on by the success of Coloring Book, were not only wins for Chance himself, but all independent artists, streaming services, and even more added pressure to traditional labels already struggling to adapt to this ever evolving landscape. It was sweet sweet validation and just the beginning signal of what's to come....

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