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Please Stop Being So F*ING Weird About Sydney Sweeney’s Breasts 

And you thought the Taylor Swift reactions in the first two months of 2024 were unhinged… 

Sydney Sweeney hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time, and for some reason, it led to an even weirder political backlash than when Shane Gillis appeared on the show the previous week

The episode, just as one a few weeks earlier featuring her Euphoria costar Jacob Elordi, spent a great deal of time poking fun at the actress’ sex appeal, featuring sketches with Sweeney as a cheerleader and as a Hooters waitress. Then, in the “goodnights” at the end of the episode, Sweeney appeared in this outfit: 

There have been a couple of occasions this year when SNL cast members have stood far away from the host or a special guest like Dave Chappelle during the goodnights. That did not happen this time. 

But that bit of cleavage, in the ensuing days, made the world go mad. Like this: 

That’s National Post columnist Amy Hamm, arguing the completely imaginary notion that because of “wokeness,” physical female beauty has somehow been verboten for the last several years. It led up to this nonsense: 

Because we’ve known for some time that most of us are not running on the same operating system as the terminally offended cry-bullies. The ratings don’t lie. They didn’t with Chappelle, and they haven’t with Sweeney. If Chappelle had Sweeney’s buxom bust, we could have easily been having this same cultural conversation more than a year ago.

I’m guessing if Sweeney had spent the entire SNL episode insulting trans people, as Chappelle has done for his last several Netflix specials, then yes – the reaction would have been different. 

Hamm also references this, which proves one thing: Jordan Peterson has horrendous taste in women. 

Also, according to Spectator writer Bridget Phetasy, “boobs are back”: 

Sydney Sweeney made engagement farming easy with her cleavage-revealing curtain call this past weekend as the host of Saturday Night Live. If you spend any time online at all, I’m sure you’ve seen the video. Wrapped in a revealing little black dress, Sydney thanks the cast, the crew, Lorne Michaels and giggles and bounces in familiar ways I haven’t seen in decades. For anyone under the age of 25, they’ve likely never seen it in their lifetime – as the giggling blonde with an amazing rack has been stamped out of existence, a creature shamed to the brink of extinction.

I don’t mean to pick on Phetasy, someone whose social media presence I enjoy. But I wasn’t aware that boobs had ever left. 

If you’ve, like, gone outside in the summertime, you’ve likely seen plentiful cleavage, no matter where you live in the country, “woke” or not. Visible boobs have also not exactly been absent from awards red carpets or, for that matter, movies themselves in the last few years. Did you notice how the conventional wisdom, in a very short time, went from “there’s no sex in the movies anymore” to “there’s too much sex in the movies”? 

Sure, it’s interesting for a female celebrity to become the frequent subject of boob jokes, the way Dolly Parton was back in the Johnny Carson era. But I don’t think there’s any significant, deep meaning behind it. 

The woman next to Sweeney in the goodnights is Kacey Musgraves, the musical guest. The last time she was on SNL, in 2021, she performed nude in a homage to Jenny from Forrest Gump

I’ve noticed of late that there seems to have been a tendency, almost since the start of her rise, to want to knock Sydney Sweeney down a peg, which of late has included men with horrendous taste describing her as “mid.” Before long, we’ll be hearing things like “I just don’t like her voice,” “She reminds me of girls I didn’t like in high school,” and “She just seems like she wants an Oscar too much.” 

Sweeney seems to have the chops and presence to be a real movie star, something that’s in short supply these days.

At any rate, stop being weird about it. Please. 

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