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Dario Hunt

Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

Kendrick Lamar – DAMN. Reaction

DAMN. is Kendrick's most contemporary and immediate album yet and the fact that he's able to pull it off without sacrificing his artistic vision or insane attention to the detail is an accomplishment all in itself. In short, DAMN. is the embodiment of hip-hop, in every form and facet....
Kodak Black - Painting Pictures

Kodak Black – Painting Pictures Reaction

I used to think Kodak Black was a complete jackass, but after giving Painting Pictures a chance, I have a much clearer understanding of who he is as a person and why he is that way. He's a project baby with surprising amount of depth. An unexpectedly great album....
Two-9 - FRVR

Two-9 – FRVR Reaction

There's nothing really noteworthy or stand out about Two-9's debut album. There's some expectedly strong production and if I need some purely good sounding turn up music then this might be an album I'd turn to, but anything other than that, there's not a whole lot to offer. ...
Brianna Bullentini | PRESENTS

Brianna Bullentini | PRESENTS

Brianna Bullentini is a young entrepreneur and designer out of Reno, Nevada. She sat down to talk with us about what made her take the leap into entrepreneurship and the health/wellness industry, juggling 5 businesses, how design impacts everything she does, and why she decided to leave New York and return home to start it all....
Tupac Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I mean…it is called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a reason

For the second year in a row the most talked about inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame isn't from rock, but rap; and for the second year in row there's a lot of bitching about whether or not hip-hop belongs. For a long time, I have been adamantly for it because classic hip-hop definitely shares that same spirit and feeling that birth rock and roll. But as it's grown and evolved as a genre it's become clearer than ever that it's time they cut the cord....
Khalid - American Teen

Khalid – American Teen Reaction

American Teen is an interesting first effort from the up and comer. It has a really unique retro feel to it that sets it apart from his peers, but at times it can come off as too forced. If hipster had a sound, this might be it. But I can see why so many are excited about his potential. He's like a lesser, male American Lorde....

NAV – NAV Reaction

I don't understand the hype NAV got outside of being associated with The Weeknd. There's nothing special or original here that differentiates him from the other "trendy" acts out there, and these acts are a dime a dozen these days. Just another checklist of everything that's considered cool at the moment....
Thundercat - Drunk

Thundercat – Drunk Reaction

Drunk is easily one of the most unique listens I've had in quite some time. It's crazy brew of free flowing instrumentation, crazy synths, funky bass lines, and random noises give you a peek into the wild mind of Thundercat....
Steve Lacy - Steve Lacy's Demo

Steve Lacy – Steve Lacy’s Demo Reaction

This is the third solo offering from The Internet, and while it's the shortest of the trio it might show the most potential. At only 18 years of age, Steve Lacy shows a command and understanding of funk and soul well beyond his years. He is as equally strong in front of the boards as he is behind them; giving us glimpses of what might be the next big thing....
Matt Martians - The Drum Chord Theory

Matt Martians – The Drum Chord Theory Reaction

The Drum Chord Theory is the second solo offering to come from the members of The Internet and it's their second really strong offering that shows off everything they're capable of as individuals. Matt Martians is a phenomenal rising producer who's crafted some great experimental grooves that dabble in funk, R&B, and neo-soul. There are some definite hints of early Pharrell and Star Trak....
Best of the Month: March 2017

Best of the Month: March 2017

March had a ton of great new albums and music videos from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Minus The Bear, Drake and the Gorillaz, and it also featured some interesting trailers for IT, Justice League, and War for the Planet of the Apes. We've highlighted some of the best drops over the month and now we're ready to crown the best album, movie trailer, and music video. ...

Volume 3: Is Drake riding waves, Ross’ return to form, and Kendrick’s back! | Compilation 2

In Volume 3 of Musicphiles we chop it up about a number of the latest projects and singles to drop. We give our thoughts about Drake's More Life and whether we think he's just riding waves at this point. Then we talk about Rather You Than Me by Rick Ross and the latest singles from Kendrick Lamar and what we think he may have in store. We end things by talking about Mike WiLL Made-It's latest, Kodak Black's surprisingly fire album, Tuxedo II, The Wild by Raekwon, and more....
Who's the best of the month: March 2017

Who’s the best of the month: March 2017 (VOTING)

Another month down, another month's worth of content to vote on. March was an especially strong month full of great content. We rounded up what we think represented the best of the month, so cast your votes and we'll announce the top picks after we take everything into consideration. If you don't see what you think was the best, then write it in. You can also go back and check out some of our reactions to the various nominees....
Vikings Season 4

Vikings Season 4 Reaction

Season 4 of Vikings had by far the weakest story line out of all the seasons focusing too much on all the 'others' when they're not half as interesting as Ragnar. However, I still loved the world they've built and the big battle sequences are still some of the best out, but some big game changing moments have left me a little worried for the future of the show....
Ed Sheeran - Divide

Ed Sheeran – Divide Reaction

Divide will undoubtedly be a commercial hit that will continue to catapult Sheeran into mainstream stardom. I found myself singing and humming along, but it's simple and idealistic songwriting left a lot of it feeling empty and uninteresting....
Dario Hunt

Dario Hunt


Founder. Pro baller. Part-time programmer. Love all things creativity, culture, and branding. If you want something, then go and get it.

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