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Dario Hunt

Yelawolf - Trial By Fire

Yelawolf – Trial By Fire Reaction

Yelawolf continues that same blending of genres present on Love Story, but this go around the music is decidedly more southern rock driven than country and noticeably angrier. Overall I think it was a smart choice of treading familiar ground while deviating enough to still be fresh, making Trial By Fire another solid step forward for him and it's unlike almost anything else out there....
King Krule - The OOZ

King Krule – The OOZ Reaction

King Krule's latest is not an easy album by any measure; you can’t just throw it on and immediately be taken in, it’s meant to be sat with and slowly digested as its many idiosyncrasies slowly reveal themselves. But once I let go of my expectations of what an album is supposed to sound like, I couldn’t help but get pulled into his mad soundscapes of isolation, anxiety, and slightly out of tune instruments. It’s as much a work of art as it is an album, but for someone who loves the odd and experimental as much as I do, The OOZ was about as rich an album as I’ve heard all year....

St. Vincent – MASSEDUCTION Reaction

On it's surface, MASSEDUCTION sounds like a straight up pop album but once you dig a little deeper you'll find something much more delightfully deep and subversive. Everything about MASSEDUCTION feels effortless and I couldn't help but get strong Bowie vibes from her, from everything from the music to the project's aesthetics, and I can't think of any higher praise to give someone who's so clearly all about the true 'art' of music....

Best of the Month: October 2017

October had a ton of great new albums and music videos from the likes of Big K.R.I.T., St. Vincent, Thundercat, and King Krule; and it also featured some interesting trailers for My Friend Dahmer, The New Mutants, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We've highlighted some of the best drops over the month and now we're ready to crown the best album, movie trailer, and music video. ...
Big K.R.I.T. - 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time

Big K.R.I.T. – 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time Reaction

4eva Is a Mighty Long Time is Big K.R.I.T.'s most ambitious project yet, and while it doesn't answer all of the criticisms people have of him, it is him at his absolute best and it's his most listenable, yet still deep, album yet. If this doesn't prove that he belongs in the conversation with the Kendricks and J. Coles of the world, then nothing will....
dvsn - Morning After

dvsn – Morning After Reaction

If Sept. 5th was all about love and finding it, then Morning After is all about heartbreak and losing it, and in a time when R&B is becoming increasingly more alternative it's almost refreshing to hear a more traditional approach to the genre. Morning After is a moody, emotional affair that, in my book, solidifies dvsn as one of the top new R&B acts to be on the lookout for....
Ty Dolla $ign - Beach House 3

Ty Dolla $ign – Beach House 3 Reaction

Ty Dolla $ign's latest is a project made up entirely of bangers - no real subtlety, no high art, just bangers. It's top notch production coupled with his fantastic songwriting ability kept early fatigue from setting on. Expect a catchy, fun affair but don't expect much substance to go along with it....
Yo Gotti - I Still Am

Yo Gotti – I Still Am Reaction

I Still Am felt like a check list of song types lacking a lot of Yo Gotti's blunt charisma that elevated his past music above generic street fare. By far his weakest project in recent memory and not even a strip club anthem of the year like "Rack It Up" can spice up this bland assortment of music....
Who's the best of the month: October 2017

Who’s the best of the month: October 2017 (VOTING)

Another month down, another month's worth of content to vote on. We rounded up what we think represented the best of the month, so cast your votes and we'll announce the top picks after we take everything into consideration. If you don't see what you think was the best, then write it in. You can also go back and check out some of our reactions to the various nominees....
Beck - Colors

Beck – Colors Reaction

Colors is about as frankly pop an album as I've ever heard from Beck. Albeit pop to an extremely high degree, because he is after all, still a master musician. And it shows throughout the album as each sound seems meticulously placed and the whole thing's polished to the highest degree. Colors is about as sonically perfect as you'll ever hear, but I couldn't help but feel like it lost some of it's soul in the process....
Cults - Offering

Cults – Offering Reaction

Offering doesn't quite reach the heights of their debut and the music is noticeably brighter, shedding some of their darker undertones for a more generic pop album, but I'll be damned if it isn't catchy music all the same....
Gucci Mane - Mr. Davis

Gucci Mane – Mr. Davis Reaction

Mr. Davis is more of the same trap rap we've come to expect from Gucci Mane with a greater level of refinement and bigger name features. I appreciate the added sheen and there are a few stand out moments, but I prefer when he's left to his own devices and when his music is a bit rougher around the edges....
Preacher Season 2

Preacher Season 2 Reaction

Season 2 of Preacher improves upon everything you loved about Season 1 and cranks the craziness up to an even greater level. It's as funny and as sharp as ever thanks to some phenomenal writing, acting, and dialogue that keeps things grounded even in a world as outlandish as this one. In short, Season 2 of Preacher is some of the best TV I've seen in the past 5 years and it's a show that everyone should be talking about....
The Strain Season 4

The Strain Season 4 Reaction

All in all, The Strain has always been a mixed bag of good and bad and season 4 is no different. In terms of pacing, story telling, and character building, it was definitely the weakest season of them all but in a world where we rarely get proper endings to series, they did a more than serviceable job of tying up loose ends and giving the characters that needed it, proper endings....
Dario Hunt

Dario Hunt


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