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The High Divers : The Hamilton DC Live | Photos | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

The High Divers : The Hamilton DC Live

The High Divers took the crowd at D.C.’s Hamilton Live by surprise and didn’t stop for their entire 60 minute set. Playing a mix of unreleased songs off their new album and favorites from their 2015 album Riverlust, their feel good rock vibes, infectious energy, and larger than life sound made a fan of this concert photographer....
The resurgence of vinyl and what it means for music | Opinions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

The resurgence of vinyl and what it means for music

With Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify, I don’t think people will stop customizing their music experience. People will use their creativity to make their own albums that tell a story, and that’s great. However, with the resurgence of vinyl, I hope people take time to really listen, to the ups and downs, to the story that’s told....
Best of the Month: January 2018 | Features | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Best of the Month: January 2018

January had a ton of great new albums and music videos from the likes of James Blake, Ty Segall, JAY-Z, and Django Django; and it also featured some interesting trailers for Ant-Man and the Wasp, The China Hustle, and The Death of Stalin. We've highlighted some of the best drops over the month and now we're ready to crown the best album, movie trailer, and music video. ...
Django Django - Marble Skies | Reactions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Django Django – Marble Skies Reaction

While Django Django's previous efforts felt a bit more artsy in intention, the experimentation on Marble Skies feels done with the sole purpose of creating something fun. And it is fun, it's a lighthearted, head nodding romp full of brilliant melodies and earworm hooks. It's almost impossible not to be pulled into their joyous orbit....
The Birth of Trap | Features | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

The Birth of Trap

Southern U.S. of A., home of hospitality, birthed a rap sub-genre as inhospitable as they come...Is it the imminent danger in the sound? The dark illegality of the subject matter? The clothes, tats, and implicit violent tendencies of the performers? Actually, trap began as all of the above and more......
Migos - Culture II | Reactions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Migos – Culture II Reaction

My general feeling after listening to the Migos' latest was that I heard this all before from them, and much better. Whereas Culture felt fresh and radical in it's trendsetting ways, Culture II feels regressive and safe. This time they're going to have a hard time distinguishing themselves from the many clones they've spawned over the years....
Ty Segall - Freedom's Goblin | Reactions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Ty Segall – Freedom’s Goblin Reaction

Ty Segall pulls out the full arsenal on Freedom's Goblin delivering a 19-track ride that goes all over the place. In lesser hands it might feel disjointed or convoluted but with him it just shows how truly gifted he is and just how in tune he is with the craft of rock. He clearly marches to the sound of his own beat and it's incredibly exhilarating. Freedom's Goblin is one hell of a ride and further proof that he may just be a mad musical genius....
Who's the best of the month: January 2018 (VOTING) | Reactions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Who’s the best of the month: January 2018 (VOTING)

Another month down, another month's worth of content to vote on. We rounded up what we think represented the best of the month, so cast your votes and we'll announce the top picks after we take everything into consideration. If you don't see what you think was the best, then write it in. You can also go back and check out some of our reactions to the various nominees....
Dave East - Paranoia 2 | Reactions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Dave East – Paranoia 2 Reaction

Lyricism and his respect for the culture and tradition of hip-hop is still front and center but with a modern NY sound and feel that doesn't feel too contrived like it did at times on Paranoia. This is the Dave East I've been waiting for - full of lyrical venom, vivid storytelling, and street wise gravitas, yet still in touch with the times....
SiR - November | Reactions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

SiR – November Reaction

SiR's debut is a refreshing listen and change of pace from what's out there today, as it's rooted in more traditional R&B tropes of true love and relationships, and while I don't think it'll set the world on fire, it's a very strong starting point for even greater things in the future. TDE has yet to miss on an artist....
U2 - Songs Of Experience | Reactions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

U2 – Songs of Experience Reaction

U2 have clearly had their ears to the 'streets' and have found inspiration from a number of different sources. The fact that they were able to lean on all of these influences without it sounding contrived is maybe their greatest accomplishment. And as someone who's not a die hard U2 fan, I thoroughly enjoyed their modern sound - it felt relevant yet still very much true to who U2 are. Songs of Experience feels like a true return to form for the legendary band and a worthy (and voluntary) addition to my music library....

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