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Jeff Mitchell

The Birth of Stoner Rock in Palm Desert | Features | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

The Birth of Stoner Rock in Palm Desert

Cannabis is as influential to the sub-genre as the desert itself. 'Desert rock,' though used interchangeably with 'stoner rock,' is not necessarily the same thing. Desert rock was a localized phenomenon; stoner rock a psychedelic one. The birthplace of the two, however, is the same....
Was Green Day the best pop-rock band of the 2000s? | Opinions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Was Green Day the best pop-rock band of the 2000s?

Green Day may have been the best rock band of the 2000s. At least, they were for those of us blessed to be teens at the time. Those of us once willing to spend 4 hours straight mastering moves in Tony Hawk's American Sk8land instead of actually skating. Those of us savvy enough to acquire bootleg copies of 'Parental Advisory' level Green Day albums because "hey, we're old enough and it's on the radio!"...
The Cycle Of Sounds | Features | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

The Cycle Of Sounds

Throughout Western history, music has had a place in daily life - growing its foothold year after year. With the turn of each decade, music has turned as well. Perhaps in an effort to appeal to a developing society... Perhaps as an indicator of that same society's development......
The Birth of Trap | Features | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

The Birth of Trap

Southern U.S. of A., home of hospitality, birthed a rap sub-genre as inhospitable as they come...Is it the imminent danger in the sound? The dark illegality of the subject matter? The clothes, tats, and implicit violent tendencies of the performers? Actually, trap began as all of the above and more......

Jeff Mitchell

Jeff lives for font, breathes for line-breaks and can't come up with enough clever asides to cram in his own bio.His musical interests are diverse and his love of art, bottomless. Legend has it he's a musician and artist himself.

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