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Logic – “One Day” (ft. Ryan Tedder) Reaction

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Dramatic piano-driven soul and uplifting lyrics make Logic and Ryan Tedder’s “One Day” a very enjoyable listen.

Good as gospel and gospel as all get out, “One Day” sounds like a sunny day after weeks of rain. Logic is good for giving us songs to feel good to. This one’s a solid new example of that. You know positivity’s on the menu when “…we do it for the children” is stated outright. In “One Day” he’s calling out classless class-acts in the industry (no names). Refreshing.

“You ever wonder what it means to make it by any means and finally obtain your dreams
On the come up, where they run up from the world of many fiends
I been at it since a teen, get this money, get the cream
Hard work and sacrifice but not a lot know what I mean”

Rhythmically, “One Day” is a shuffle of a beat bounced over mid-high keys. Intermittent bass rumble and ambient synths at far-reaches of the mix lace it all together with sparse elegance. The result is pretty retro in feel; something like N.W.A.’s “Express Yourself”, but less walking bass and way more piano power.

Florence + The Machine have produced a superb song here and it's a hard thing not to appreciate.
THECLECTIK's "I Found You" is a pleasant, somewhat innocent, yet modern-sounding song which is a rare combination in today’s day and age.
Bobby Tarantino II feels like a 'I can do that too, but better' type of situation and while lyrically and rapping wise he may be better than a lot of the 'pop' rappers out there, the songs don't carry that same sort of swag or impact as theirs. These are more watered down versions of what's already out there and popular, and when you're whole premise of a tape is jacking styles, then this becomes a major problem.

Overall, “One Day” is full of heart, and it’s in the right place too. Palpable positivity and solid gospel groove give this one a good rating in my book. I definitely felt it. How about you?

Logic – “One Day” (ft. Ryan Tedder) Reaction
Dramatic piano-driven soul and uplifting lyrics make Logic and Ryan Tedder's "One Day" a very enjoyable listen.

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