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Florence + The Machine – “June” Reaction

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Cinematic drama and nuanced buildups make Florence + The Machine’s “June” more experience than mere music. It’s tantalizingly poetic and ornate with elegant detail.

Halting, yet dynamically intense – “June” rumbles with bass, sizzles with silky singing and erupts in anthemic ecstasy. Proper progressions in music make for a good experience, but this song makes its own adventure from start to finish.

THECLECTIK's "I Found You" is a pleasant, somewhat innocent, yet modern-sounding song which is a rare combination in today’s day and age.
Bright and brilliantly embellished with tasteful touches on guitar, "Humility" sounds like sunlight should and would, if it had a sound. Wooping, warbling, sliding... It's relaxed soul and upbeat jazz jumbled up together. Great stuff and a standout among their latest releases, for sure.
Dhanya's take on Eastern sounds is experimental and atmospheric. Solid track with loads to love for any and all Bjork fans.

“I hear your heart beating in your chest
The world slows till there’s nothing left
Skyscrapers look on like great, unblinking giants
In those heavy days in June
When love became an act of defiance”

The strings in this song seriously make it amazing. Each tense pluck of chords comes across as perfectly placed and intentional, especially at the song’s start. Nothing feels random or repetitive in this regard, nor in any other for that matter.

“June” is a true progression from silence and isolation to fullness and spiritual unity. By the end, it’s positively symphonic.

I’ve vastly enjoyed this one (and much of the new album High as Hope). What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Florence + The Machine – “June” Reaction
Florence + The Machine have produced a superb song here and it's a hard thing not to appreciate.

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