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Fender’s all-vintage style new guitar line proves classic aesthetics still rock

Fender's new lineup of guitars show there's no school like the old school

More than mere lookers, each of the guitars in the fittingly named “Vintera” collection (Vintage + Era, perhaps?) boast of the same bells and whistles that were standard way back in the day.

Each guitar features new remakes of the original ’50s, ’60s and ’70s pickups and neck profiles to please the nostalgic as well as newcomers to the old style alike. On top of the technical bits, Fender’s new line comes in the light pastels pervasive to their golden eras.

“We brought back some classic colors from each decade—including Seafoam Green from the ’50s, Inca Silver from the ’60s and Mocha from the ’70s.” – Fender

The models on offer include the original Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, and Jaguar. Fans of each classic form factor get a chance to grab their own for far less than the old antiques available on the hand-me-down market.

Fender haven’t left the bassists out either. The Mustang, Jazz, and Precision bass models have also made it into the lineup, sporting the same variety of signature tech remakes and bright colors.

This group of guitars is set to replace Fender’s Classic series for the time being, but rumors suggest both lineups may coexist in coming months/years.

“The new range replaces the guitar giant’s existing made-in-Mexico Classic series, and that line-up’s Road Worn models have yet to appear here – although Fender has confirmed that they may crop up further down the line as special runs.” – musicradar

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