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Radiohead top the list of a UK music industry coalition that wants to fight climate change

Hundreds of UK artists, companies, and associations unite with the same goal

It seems that the music industry in the UK is taking the problem of climate change more seriously than some politicians. As Digital Music News, British Daily Mail, and others report, the list of musicians that includes Radiohead, Ezra Furman, Nadine Shah, and Nitin Sawhney, as well as companies and other organizations is constantly growing under the banner of Music Declares Emergency (MDE).

Calling it “an ecological emergency”, MDE wants to use the power of music to make a positive change. They are aiming for a broader action and a stronger campaign that will inspire governmental action that would deal with climate change. As DMN puts it, they are urging their supporters so that the music industry can become “ecologically sustainable.”

The MDE site also gives recommendations on what the music industry can do to lower the ecologically-destructive activities it is involved in. According to DMN, those include “long touring cycles (requiring airplanes, buses, and massive amounts of electricity and plastic); vinyl pressing (which requires numerous toxic substances); and cloud-based storage for hundreds of millions of streaming accounts (which may be worse than the previous two).”

Along with urging governments to tell the truth about the effects of climate change, MDE strives to “reverse biodiversity loss and reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions no later than 2030.” Some big companies like Warner Music Group and Association of Independent Music have given support to Music Declares Emergency.

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