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WaxFeet – “Dream” Reaction

“Dream” – there’s hardly a more befitting name for Santa Cruz-based duo WaxFeet’s nostalgic and deeply ambiguous track and video. It’s just hard to say whether WaxFeet’s dreams are the type to surface from the depth of our subconscious during sleep, or dreams from our past, memories we yearn to relive. Perhaps it’s a galactic bridge between the two.

“Dream” is more of a sonic, lo-fi experience than an actual song. Like a dream, its structure, if you can call it a structure at all, is anything but regular. It starts with a crackling record, which instantly evokes the idea of memories that has practically been burnt into our psyche by movies and perhaps our own experiences. Every element of the track just oozes a subtle, yet powerful and inimitable feeling that lingers, just like the trippy afterglow that some dreams leave behind. The poignant and otherworldly vibe permeates the song throughout like a gentle breeze of distant soft piano tones and sound effects.

If anything can capture WaxFeet’s ambiguous dreams, it’s its experimental video, which feels like a collection of scattered dreams that our mind manages to partially piece together, like faded photographs. It’s a beautiful depiction of memories as a deep, underlying feeling, intertwined with the never-ending desire to relive them, which is so deeply innate to human nature.

A weird and beautiful experience of a song and video that, like all great art, can be as much personal as it can be universal.

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WaxFeet - "Dream" Reaction | Opinions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
WaxFeet – “Dream” Reaction
WaxFeet's "Dream" and its video are like an album of scattered memories and faded photographs, held together by a stainless feeling.

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