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I would like to introduce you to “Leftmore” , The band featured in our first Music Spotlight.

Leftmore is the “band” name of singer/songwriter, Joe Ziegler, from Broomfield, CO. Wielding nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a pair of vocal chords named Rock and Roll, Joe travels the country far and wide to play shows just about anywhere. Independently booking tours since June 2008, Leftmore has carved out an intimate niche in the songwriting world.

I first met Joe in college after I heard him during an open mic night we had at school. To get more people familiar with his work, he shared several songs he had written and the audience loved it. He was a very charismatic performer and you could tell he really felt what he was singing. We’ve hung out several times, and you can tell by being his friend or his fan that he is always genuine. Musically gifted, Joe Ziegler of Leftmore is one of the most talented people I know. I find Leftmore’s music to be a refreshing contrast from mainstream alternative music; its the type of music that always tells a story.

To find out performance dates and if Leftmore has a show near you, you can find a full list of Leftmore’s tour dates on their Facebook page.

Here is a playlist of Leftmore’s recent music for your enjoyment.
Latest tracks by leftmore

Please enjoy this featured music video =)

This video was shot for Denver’s 48-hour Film Festival in 2010. The song was actually written for the Festival, too! Leftmore’s team got assigned a genre (comedy), prop (lamps), line (“He told me not to tell anyone.”), and character name (Sharon Woods) at approx. 8:30pm on Friday night. The song was written in its entirety by Joe by 2:30am, and was fully recorded/mixed by 9:30am on Saturday morning. The video was shot by 7pm Saturday evening, and fully edited for submission by Sunday around noon. The song was later reworked slightly and released on Leftmore’s “For Every Tree, A Seed.”

Directed by Kyle Woodiel and edited by Bradley Mayhew. All Rights Reserved, and all that jazz.

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Thank you, and keep living.life.fearless!

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