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Dareece Walker


Moonlight Reaction

Moonlight is a coming of age drama that lived up to the hype. I suggest any one see it at least once. Not very dialogue heavy but the cinematography is brilliant. Director and cast deliver a brilliant performance. ...

Fences Reaction

Fences is a slow quiet family drama that I would suggest to anybody to watch. It's subtle, yet packs in lots of intensity with steady cinematography and a few interesting plot twists....

Hidden Figures Reaction

Hidden Figures is like a historic retelling of black women who who changed the game and worked for NASA. A behind the scenes look at this story felt like it was literally hidden until this film came out. Great story, even a learning tool. Not quite a tear jerker, but the emotion was there....

“BRAINWASHED” Art Show Reaction

Whether you love it or hate it, after viewing this artshow you have been 'Brainwashed'. Star of the film "Exit Through the Gift Shop", Mr.Brainwash delivers a colorful yet lack luster exhibition full of references to the art-worlds most famous pop icons. ...

Poetry Corner- Winner of WOW Poetry Slam

Welcome Back to LLF's Poetry Corner!!!Here in Colorado Springs(CO) there is a community of poets and artists called "Poetry 719" and they host poetry events called "Hear here". I have been attending open mic nights and events for a few months and during each night there is a featured Poet to round off the night. Last night (04/14/2012) I was fortunate enough to experience the one of a kind work of Dominique Ashaheed (Featured Poet)......

VLOG #2- Art Work Pt.2

In the post, "Art Work", I introduced myself as an artist and talked about what Art is to me, then I talked about being chosen for two Art exhibits and showed you the Paintings that were displayed. The work shown last time was a collection of paintings that didn't necessarily relate to each other; This time I'm displaying a specific body of work that was developed to be more cohesive by using similar content, materials, and formal elements......

Poetry Corner- William Blake

Introducing one of the greatest overlooked Artists in Britain's history, Mr. William Blake (28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827). It's interesting how the artists perspective is still relevant and can be similarly interpreted today. That is one thing that I've noticed about great art is that it stands the test of time.I find something unique about Blake's poetry work and the way it speaks to me. I have chosen two poems from his work to share that I happened to enjoy and think many of you would enjoy as well......

1st VLOG- Tribute to Don & Soul Train

Welcome to living.life.fearless! and the first Video blog !!!. We have been wanting to make videos for site for a while now and Im excited to say that we have made our first video.In this video , I (Artist Dareece Walker) have decided to create a painting Celebrating the work of Don Cornelius and "Soul Train". In the future, I will plan on discussing more information and answering questions on the video but for this video I just wanted you all to enjoy the painting =)Though I didn't get to grow up with "Soul Train", Its impact on pop culture and my own life indirectly, is undeniable and well worth recognition......


Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and so today I decided to write about what that means to me. MLK Day marks the celebration of a man who dedicated his life to making others lives better. The battles he fought, and the non-violent manner in which he fought them changed America forever and gave people hope all around the world. I never had a chance to hear/see Dr. King speak, and though he died many years before my birth I cannot deny that my life is significantly better because of what Dr. King did in his life......

Poetry Corner- Let America Be America Again

This time on Poetry Corner I chose to share with you a very influential poem to me, written by one of my personal all-time favorite poets, Langston Hughes. Written over 60 years ago, I feel this poem is still very relevant to today. America is and has always been in a state of change; it is up to us as the people (We are America) to make change..."To Make America" The poem may seem slightly long but each word is important so please enjoy the read......
Dareece Walker

Dareece Walker

Creative Genius

Visual Artist/Poet-- I specialize in Painting and Drawing. I'm building a community: Looking for motivated individuals with a passion for life.

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