Rico Gatson & Baseera Khan: “FREE TO BE” | Jenkins Johnson Projects

Jenkins Johnson Projects presents FREE TO BE, a two person exhibition of work by artists Rico Gatson and Baseera Khan.

There are common misconceptions about abstract art such as it doesn’t hold narrative, or cant have informative messages, but these two artists prove the contrary. Gatson and Khan’s work, both draw from political and cultural information pertaining to their backgrounds, and create works that echo memory and history. Gatson’s hard edged geometric work contrasts that of Khan’s soft sculpture with form and materials, yet the pallet and approach to abstraction compliment each other well. If you are in Brooklyn make sure to stop by the exhibition, open through June 15th.

The title takes its inspiration from Free to Be You and Me, a pioneering children’s program from the 1970’s, whose episodic nature challenged traditional gender designations and promoted multiple views of equality. Artists Rico Gatson and Baseera Khan draw upon their own personal history, family, politics, and spirituality. Selected works are placed in dialogue sharing material and imagistic experiences of respect and friendship alongside expansive notions of power dynamics, openness, and freedom.

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