Justin Sterling : “Broken Windows” | The Olympia Project

The Olympia Project presents Broken Windows, a solo exhibition of work by emerging artist Justin Sterling. Open from June 9th to July 12th.

Truly interdisciplinary, Broken Windows is comprised of sculpture, drawing, installation, video, and a vibrant performance by the artist. Sterling creates a narrative about community that references the past, present, and future of the communities these objects are found. The artist utilizes found objects such as discarded fire hydrants and broken window frames. Notions of rebuilding, neighborhood beautification, safety, and even gentrification are all explored through Sterling’s work.

A water fountain sculpture made from a cracked porcelain sink atop a old rusted fire hydrant, eerily evokes comparisons to the Flint Michigan water crisis. As the viewer explores each window composition, nuances in each piece begin to tell their own stories. Bullet casings found in several works call attention to gun violence in poor communities. The Traffic cones and caution tape are references to construction developments but also to police brutality.

In the performance, Sterling plays the trumpet, weaving the sound of somber melodies with sporadic improvisation. Jumping over caution tape and playing the horn through hollow hydrant sculptures and cones, the artist expressed the vigilance and weariness of the communities these broken windows came from.

There is still a chance to come see Sterling’s poetically energized performance at the closing reception, July 12th at 6 PM. Visit the Olympia Project for more information and to plan your visit.

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