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Sidequest Gallery Brooklyn presents Triangles And The Shapes In Between, a new body of work and first solo show in The United States by Scarlett Lingwood.

Lingwood is a talented multi-media artist, who often incorporates installation and sculpture with drawing and collage. She has a unique ability to channel how she interprets the world into thoughtful abstract compositions. Her solo show opened back in November 2019 and we had the opportunity to visit her solo show in Brooklyn and take photos of the exhibition.

From the artist:

“I first became interested in triangles when I visited Palestine nine years ago and I was particularly drawn to a see-saw I saw which was pointing towards the sky in a diagonal direction, yet no one was on the see-saw, it made me think of something being unbalanced whether that was relationships that had fallen apart and were unlikely to be repaired or geographical conflict between two countries.

On the other hand, the positioning of the see-saw for me was a symbol of hope thinking about relationships that had fallen apart and the change that took place where relationships were now resolved.

In this series of work, I am particularly interested in the relationship between the colored triangles and the shapes in between and how the two relate to each other.

I am also interested in the shape of a triangle which is made up of two diagonal lines that are anchored on a horizontal line. . A triangular composition can help make an image more coherent and the form appear more dynamic and can symbolize strength.”

Also check out the in-depth interview she did with us: http://livinglifefearless.co/2020/hype/scarlett-lingwood/

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