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Christie Neptune | "Unpacking Sameness" | Photos | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Christie Neptune | “Unpacking Sameness”

Christie Neptune presents us with 'Unpacking Sameness,' a solo exhibition at NURTUREart gallery that investigates how constructs of race, gender, and class limit the personal experiences of historically marginalized and stigmatized individuals. Check out our full gallery of shots from our visit to the exhibition....
"Kara Walker" Sikkema Jenkins & Co | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

“Kara Walker” Sikkema Jenkins & Co Art Show Reaction

Though Kara Walker seemed to be making political statements on the gallery walls, her artist statement and the show title were in my opinion the most politically charged. You can feel her resentment for being the poster child for black contemporary art and racial politics in art. The show itself seemed like a response to the art world hype; basically saying Kara Walker's work is dope, we hate the criticism but love the hype....
Hugh Hefner's legacy, IT & Rick and Morty breaking records, and made-for-Instagram art exhibits | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Hugh Hefner’s legacy, IT & Rick and Morty breaking records, and made-for-Instagram art exhibits

For this week's show we talk about the recent passing of Hugh Hefner and discuss our thoughts on his legacy and the discussion the media is having about it; whether it was more exploitation or liberation. Then we talk about the massive success that both IT and Rick and Morty have had and the influence that Rick and Morty in particular has had on McDonald's. We end things by discussing the recent trend of "Made-for-Instagram" art exhibits and Google's new hardware lineup and their new flagship phone, the Pixel 2....
Dareece Walker - NY Times - Governors Island Art Fair

OK! I see you big time!

Check out long time LLF cohort, Dareece Walker, in today's NY Times and check out his art featured every weekend this month at the Governors Island Art Fair along with a host of other great artists....

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