Iceage : House of Independents

Danish punk/alternative rock band, Iceage, kicked off their 2022 US tour in Asbury Park, NJ, on May 18th at the House of Independents. And although it was a smaller venue/smaller crowd than the last time I saw them (which was at Bonnaroo back in 2018), the energy of the band, and the very dedicated group of fans, made it a memorable return to the stage after a long US/Covid hiatus.

The Copenhagen quintet released their 5th album last year, Seek Shelter, capturing a more abstract and ephemeral feel than their debut album, New Brigade, back in 2011. Much of their music has always been somewhat dark and brooding; however, this album has glimmers of hope and maybe even a glimpse of a path of transcendence from the darkness we have all been living through these past couple of years. As lead singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt described Seek Shelter in a recent interview:

“…I think it was about just kind of being lost and without a roof and longing for something that would protect yourself. You can’t seek shelter unless you have something to seek shelter from, I guess. Yet, it’s interesting how the connotation of that would suddenly change so scarily.”

Shifting to a lower substation to let it swirl in the greater around
We become each other’s sedatives, living shelter ’till the cloudburst dies down
We crash and then burn, damn it, I’m short of something to live for, free me from my thirst
Gravitate to unlearn, the simple abstract, brace for impact…

– “Shelter Song”

Our world certainly did change suddenly and scarily, and we have all been challenged to adapt and find a way to push on through. Iceage managed to break through with yet another very addictive album, and the energy of their live performances are equally addictive. As Rønnenfelt said last month, “Now’s the time to live and be present.” Fortunately, they are doing just that with many upcoming US and European dates now until the end of the year. Be sure to see them live if you can! https://iceagecopenhagen.eu/tour

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