Brazilian Rockers Malvina Release Politically Charged New Single “The Backward Elite”

A scathing indictment of the racist ideology underlying Brazilian coups

Brazilian hardcore punk rockers Malvina are set to ignite the music scene with their latest single, “The Backward Elite.” This blistering anthem serves as a scathing indictment of the racist ideology underlying the coups throughout Brazilian history, based on the sociologist Jessé Souza.

The Backward Elite” is a ferocious blend of hardcore punk energy, searing guitars, and relentless drums, propelled by raw emotion and unapologetic rage. From the moment the first chords strike, listeners are thrust into a maelstrom of defiance and dissent, as Malvina’s impassioned vocals decry the injustices perpetuated by those in power.

At its core, “The Backward Elite” is a rallying cry against the systemic racism and oppression that have plagued Brazil for centuries. Through scathing lyrics and visceral instrumentation, Malvina confronts the dark legacy, shining a light on the complicity of the ruling class in perpetuating inequality and injustice.

Malvina’s uncompromising performance on “The Backward Elite” further solidifies their reputation as one of Brazil’s bands to keep an eye on. The trio —brothers Vinny Berbert (vocals, bass), Berman Berbert (vocals, guitar), and Renato Avellar (drums)—hails from Nova Friburgo, a small city located in the Rio de Janeiro state.

Does Malvina’s “The Backward Elite” get your blood boiling?

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