Sophie Shredz Returns With An Electrifying New Single & Video “OMG”

No one does genre-blending quite like her

Sophie Shredz returns today with her electrifying new single & video, “OMG.” When it comes to genre-blending, no one is doing it quite like Sophie Shredz. While her current sound draws influence from the experimental electronic world of hyper-pop, she also imbues her songs with a tapestry of classic rock influences, like show-stopping guitar solos and driving percussive elements. 

Sophie further embraces her rock & roll roots on her brand new single, “OMG.” With soaring prog-rock guitar riffs and emphatic drums, she delivers a song packed with pure, unbridled punk-rock energy.

Speaking on the new single, she says, “‘OMG’ is about living rent free in another person’s head. It’s about when someone’s hate for you turns into an obsession. The song pokes fun at them for wanting to tear me down when I’m thriving and living my best life. ‘OMG’ opened up a lot of new ideas for my upcoming album and influenced where the SOPHIE SHREDZ project is going creatively and sonically.” 

The “OMG” music video, which was creatively directed by Lucy Flores and produced/styled by MK Kopp, is eerie and surrealist with a dash of kitsch. “The overall concept for the video was creation, control and worship,” SOPHIE elaborates. “We wanted to stay true to the SOPHIE SHREDZ vibe while adding a darker twist to create a vampire chic moment.” 

Sophie Shredz is the project of New Jersey-born, Nashville-based vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist Sophie Ruggiero. She was raised listening to classic rock greats like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Heart, and became an avid guitar player by the age of 7.

What do you think of “OMG”?

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