Artist Spotlight: Cheeky

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Dáreece Walker
Interview date:
August 2020
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Cheeky, the self described bitch pop duo from Brooklyn, NY, talks with us about their journey and evolution as a band, the subconscious influence of feminism on their music, the NY music scene, and more.

Tell us about your band name.

Cheeky… self-explanatory, but if you need to know just keep reading..

What’s the makeup of the band?

Chips (Carrie) Drums (Ohio).
Fox (Katie) Piano & Vocals (Egypt).

Talk about the journey from the band’s origins with more members to now rocking with this two person powerhouse.

We dealt with our losses as best we could. We were originally a three piece, then a four, a three, a zero, and now we are two… as for the original line up, we lost our badass bass player to immigration laws, she was sent back to Brazil, and our beloved guitarist to family. But happily, our bass player, Joey, currently plays with an awesome artist in Brazil, Johnny Hooker. And our guitarist, Queenie, is happily married, raising a pack of wild dogs and cats. Making the transition to a two piece involved less effort than expected. We reworked what we had and expanded our repertoire, diving in to new songs and technology. It was definitely difficult losing a large part of our creative force and writing partners, but as a two piece we imagine that they are still in the room with us. We have to hear all the parts and fill in the gaps.

How has your music evolved since you first started playing together?

Evolution is constant, and in two parts. For our writing process, learning to be patient has been key. We constantly critique our song structure and take our time trying different things. We never push it, we wait and it naturally falls into place. As for our sound, we have reached further into darkness. We are moody, raw, melodic and poppy.

Is Feminism consciously incorporated into the creative process?

This has always been a tough question for us to answer, because we have never viewed ourselves as a girl band, but as a non-gendered entity influenced by universal sexuality. In short, no, we do not consciously incorporate feminism into the creative process, but alas, we are. We are feminists. We stand for equality and respect for all marginalized people. Our lyrics and melodies speak to our experiences, emotions, hardships and revenge.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you overcome that?

Well, it’s a popularity contest, talk about high school all over again. It’s hard to feel good about what you’re doing in the industry, when marketability is the only thing that stands in the way of success. This doesn’t mean we aren’t confident in who we are and what we have to offer, but not willing to compromise or change to become a product tailored to the masses. Sure we like photoshoots and sporting the occasional pair of sequined booty shorts, but just close your eyes and listen, that is all we ask.

What are the biggest positives and negatives about living and and doing gig’s in New York?

Easy. Positive, you can get a gig anywhere, negative… you can get a gig anywhere. Haha. What we mean is the convenience is really nice but there is so much happening… There’s always another show.

Where are your favorite venues? Any shows coming up?

Nothing on the horizon due to the current state of the world. Our priority is keeping our fans safe, so we are looking into virtual options and outdoor spaces when available. No favorite venues in particular, but we do have a favorite type of show; sharing the stage with friends.

We heard you’ve been recording, tell us about your forthcoming EP release?

Yes! We recorded… not recently. Two years ago? We like to sit on things: couches, chairs, faces, and six unreleased songs. BUT, we are happy to announce that we will be releasing two tracks this year in 2020. By the way, we said the same thing last year, so you will have to hold us to it.

What are some goals for Cheeky in the future? Fame and fortune, world tours?

We stopped setting goals for ourselves. Next question.

What ways can new fans gain access to your music. Do you have a website or demo?

Funny story, our website was recently deleted by the host provider during an unfortunate web acquisition. But, we are back! Thanks to our IT department, you can find us at www.cheekyband.com and follow us on instagram: @cheekyband. Our old EP is up on Bandcamp but we plan to release the new tracks on all the major streaming platforms, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Anyone you would like to acknowledge for support of your vision, financially, emotionally, or otherwise?

While we have your attention, we would like to thank our fans. To those who have been supporting us behind the scenes, they have had many thank yous in person and it would be hard to name them all.

We believe to thrive as a creative in some ways you need to be ‘Fearless’. Do you agree?

To be fearless means to conquer your fears, therefore you had to have fear in the first place. So is fear that bad? Or, is fear the motivation to be fearless which is a never ending journey.

Follow Cheeky
Website: cheekyband.com
Instagram: @cheekyband
Facebook: facebook.com/cheekyband
Bandcamp: cheekyband.bandcamp.com

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