Zoë Buckman : “Heavy Rag” | Fort Gansevoort

Fort Gansevoort Gallery presents Heavy Rag, a solo exhibition of new work by artist Zoë Buckman.

A thoughtful exhibition by one of the leading artists and feminists in the art world. Buckman’s work draws from personal experiences stemming from adolescence, up to the memories of her mother and her recent passing. Specifically the ceramic tea cups, beautiful yet non functional, evoke a sense of loss or void that can not be filled. The hand embroidered text on towels and fabric used to embellish the boxing gloves, also reference the Buckman matriarch.

The artists use of boxing gloves grant notions of domesticity and strength, femininity and fighting for equality. Certain iterations of the boxing gloves I liken to the fabric used for oven mitts and pot holders, while others evoke strength through memories related to the fabric of a wedding dress. The symbol of boxing gloves combined with this material, create a dichotomy between aggression vs. acceptance, fighting vs. discussion, or force vs. grace. Zoe Buckman’s work demonstrates and promotes strength in being female while it simultaneously critiques oppressive patriarchal norms relating to being a women in contemporary society.

If you are in New York or plan to visit, make sure to stop by Fort Gansevoort to view this powerful exhibition. On View: Friday, September 6 – Saturday, October 12, 2019

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