Artist Roundtable: “Protest Art”

Check out our wide-ranging talk with select artists about the current events and conversations being had around the country (and the world) and all things protest/political art.

Featured Guests:

Dáreece Walker: @artistdwalker | dareecejwalker.com
Sara Z. Meghdari: @szmeghdari | szmeghdari.com
Melvin Harper: @melvins.world | melvinharper.com
Ventiko: @ventiko | ventiko.com
Marvin Touré: @marvintoure | marvintoure.com
Georgia Lale: @georgia_lale_studio | lalegeorgia.net
Sasha Kelley: @on.mommas | sashakelley.co

The cover art is a protest artwork called “America” by Danielle Siegelbaum, created for a special exhibition One year of resistance after the Charlottesville events in August 2017.

Follow Danielle: https://www.daniellesiegelbaum.com/ | @daniellesiegelbaum

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