Kobe, the Oprah dilemma, and our reactions to the Grammys and Oscars

In our first show of the new decade we discuss the tragic passing of Kobe and the ensuing reactions, the growing debate about Oprah and her coverage of black male celebrities, the Supreme x Tupac controversy, Big Sean finally addressing the Kendrick Lamar “beef”, our thoughts about the Grammys and Oscars Awards Shows, and much, much more. Check the full episode out above and tell us your thoughts, comments, and questions about the topics in the episode.

00:01:13 Dareece’s big time international art show

00:10:16 – Kobe

00:18:44 – The Gayle King backlash

00:22:56 – Oprah vs black male celebs

00:35:42 – Film: DC’s reboot of a reboot (Batman revealed) and Sonic’s unexpected ressurection

00:41:44 – Music: Rage Against The Machine are back, the Supreme x Tupac controversy, and Big Sean finally addresses the Kendrick Lamar “beef”

00:52:58 – Art: Banksy’s unsung marketing genius, never-before-seen Andy Warhol drawings, and Mr. Brainwash’s new museum

01:07:41 – The boring yet momentous Oscars

01:24:36 – The Grammys still don’t understand rap (surprise!)

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Damaged City Festival 2019 | Photos | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

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