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Being an artist is tough, but so is anything when your self-employed. I’m not saying I survive on my Artwork alone, I’m saying my goal is to be able to survive on my Artwork alone.

As an Artist, I’m always on the job. I don’t wake up and put on my Artist uniform and then go to work, my minds constantly working on improvements and new ideas for art. Even if I’m working at a retail store I’d still be working 2 jobs at the same time.
But calling art my job is a bit misleading. You can quit a job, or change a career, but I am inclined to make art forever. You could say I’ve discovered my destiny.
Its been interesting getting to this point in my development but I’ve loved every moment.

Art is about the Human experience and how we as a people connect to and interpret the world around us. Art has the ability to touch a person’s soul just like someones favorite song or a great story.

Art becomes an experience.

Regardless of what I make as an artist, the intention is always to connect with someone. I believe that the work is not complete until it is experienced by another person.
That’s why getting people to view your work is challenging and such a big deal. This is where Art Galleries come in. The more galleries you get work into, the more possibilities people will see, gain interest in, and respond to your work.

I have two art shows I’ve been selected to be a part of this week. The first one was the Art History and Art club’s(AHA) first student show, at UCCS at the Heller Center for Arts and Humanities. The piece I have in that show is titled “Let Freedom Reign”. Here is a photo of the painting in the gallery.


The second art show I got into is at the Noyes Art Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska. The show opens Friday 10/07/2011 at 6:30 pm. The show features 3 other artists of which are more experienced than I am, which makes me appreciate the opportunity even more.
The artists are:

Sandy Meyer
Watercolors / Jewelry

Gayland Meyer

Eric Stearns

If you’re in Nebraska this month, make a trip to Lincoln and visit my artwork in the Noyes fine art gallery. Art always looks better in person! I have some of my best paintings in this show.

Artwork is my love and my passion. There is something about the creative process that has me hooked. I will continue to make work and hopefully continue to show work in galleries. In addition to galleries and clients displaying my work, I have also done work with set design for 2 college student theatre productions. I mention the work and display a piece made for a play in the following video.

Sometime last spring Axcess came back to Colorado and we shot a video for his series called “Chasing Dreams”. In this video I talked about what I was involved in at the time and about being an artist. At the end, Eli (Axcess) and Alan (Pizzie) give us a behind the scenes look at them recording, and a sneak preview of the soon to be released song “Ridin’ on the Railroad”


I appreciate you taking time to look at some of my Art Work and participate in my passion.
Keep Sending feedback and comments! And stay tuned for much greater things in the future.

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