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J.K.A. Short

Trevor Noah: A Comedian and Talent Unlike Any Other | Features | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Trevor Noah: A Comedian and Talent Unlike Any Other

Trevor Noah exhibits a fluent creative energy and mastery of many arts - he's a writer, a TV presenter, a stand up comedian, an impressionist, a polyglot, an intrepid voyager, and a man straddling many cultures. Coming up the hard way through Apartheid South Africa he's manage to deliver on point stand up specials, become a bestselling author, and score hosting duties on the iconic Comedy Central news satire program, The Daily Show, becoming people's go-to voice about the issues plaguing us today....

Killin’ Them Softly with Laughter – Looking Back on Dave Chappelle’s Career

With his first truly new standup special set to air December 31st (The Age of Spin and Deep in the Heart of Texas) and his first ever Emmy win, Dave's career has been looking brighter than ever. It's been looking more and more like he made the right decision back in '07 to step away from the spotlight. If there's any such thing as karmic justice then he might just be the living proof....
Come on now, Netflix's Death Note wasn't that bad | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Come on now, Netflix’s Death Note wasn’t that bad

Sometimes an adaption can actually work if we don't get too serious. We don't need to over-think the series or the hundreds of episodes that came before it. By cutting out large chunks of the backstory and mythology, Death Note's not entirely beholden to the original work. This gives us a fresh representation of a first-encounter creature feature, and the film's strength lies in building on the source material without going overly in depth. Instead it relies on grounding the film on its core concepts and simplifying the plot just enough to engage....
Enter a void filled with Stranger Things | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Enter a void filled with Stranger Things

With Season 2 fast approaching (October 27) it's almost time delve back into the show's fantastic world of nostalgia inducing pop culture references, incredible acting, and strange supernatural creatures. If you haven't jumped on the Stranger Things bandwagon yet, then what are you waiting for?...
O.T. Fagbenle

O.T. Fagbenle fills the demand for outstanding actors

Today's productions demand actors that can move people. O.T. Fagbenle is one of those rising stars that is answering that call. The British-Nigerian actor has added many accomplishments to his name. The latest production to feature his talents is The Handmaiden's Tale, an adaption of Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel and the way O.T. Fagbenle manages to connect with his audience convinces me that there is much more he has to offer....
J.K.A. Short

J.K.A. Short

Writer/Content Marketer

Writer, photojournalist, content marketer, social media padawan and indie publisher. Writes on music, film, hit shows, pop culture, other indie authors and stuff that'll make you think. Likes a strong carajillo and a fine cigar. Is secretly awesome. Found at @shortjka & @jkashort on FB or jkashort.com

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