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David Icke – Renegade of the Zeitgeist

“I can see it, traveling around the world, and seeing people awakening, seeing through the bullshit, seeing through the hoax, seeing through the manipulation.”

We’re so busy concentrating on gaining proof for our beliefs or sheltering our disbelief that we forget to question what’s right in front of us. Reality. What is it and how do you define it?

Heraclitus once said that no one can step into the same river twice. Does that mean that what is decoded through our limited biology is only true or real when its experienced by the observer? In this line of inquiry, the river – non-static and ever flowing – is never and can never be the same river to each individual consciousness. Is then all stimuli a manifestation of our combined objective viewpoints or does the physical limits of this world only come into being as they are being perceived? These are the insights one might expect to hear from David Icke, a man who implores people to question everything and speak their truth. It is something we have no doubt heard before, however therein lies a dire warning that seeks to unveil the ‘world that has been pulled over our eyes’ as Morpheus put it.

David Icke - Renegade of the Zeitgeist | Features | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Back in the ’90s, a famous one-liner appeared in the hit BBC comedy, A Little Bit of Fry and Laurie. It was about David Icke about whom Stephen Fry quipped that the trouble with him is that he’s not sincere enough. The oppositional humor was an attempt to discredit him. What they’re really saying is, he can’t be serious, can he? As Icke clearly outlines in the film, Renegade: The Life Story of David Icke, because of his ideas he was faced with absolute historic levels of ridicule from the mainstream media which then filtered down by design into the general public. He was laughed at walking down the street, during family outings and they even followed his children home from school. In the documentary trailer, David Icke opens with the epitomal words:

“People say I talk about some weird stuff – some far out stuff. But how about that chair you’re sitting in? – isn’t solid! How weird is that? This reality is nothing like we think it is.”

Yet if everything he says is nonsense, something must have struck a chord because we have witnessed, from 2016 onwards, a heightened attempt to silence him. His website is blocked in schools, universities and by government agencies. He illustrates this ludicrous systematic campaign to shut him down:

“And here’s me, one person, who is supposed to be this great nutter, and the system is desperate to silence what I’m putting out. Why?”

Who’s Running the Show?

In the past Icke has written about some pretty far out ideas. His talks of Reptilian-human shadow control of our world and energetic interdimensional beings (e.g. Archons) affecting their will upon us cause many to lot him together with all the other mad conspiracists. Yet perhaps this labeling is far too easy; it hasn’t gone through enough of a contemplative process to disregard all the premises he entertains. Many detractors haven’t engaged with what he’s putting out or consider his theories, which on reflection, are real problems society is dealing with today: the illusion of choice in the voting system, a corrupt banking system, and most importantly, the loss of freedom of speech. George Orwell also wrote about similar themes during his time, “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Dismissing him altogether because of a few outrageous ideas does not automatically equate with invalidity. Some of his ideas, like those mentioned above, contain truths, active living metaphors, macrosociology, satire, and a personal interpretation of the living universe by a man that has undergone a deep spiritual transformation. And he uses these ideas to deconstruct the large-scale problems facing modern society.

Dismissing him altogether because of a few outrageous ideas does not automatically equate with invalidity. Some of his ideas, like those mentioned above, contain truths…

There’s a growing social movement that’s happening worldwide. People are waking up. They are coming to an awareness that the way things are being run aren’t necessarily for the benefit of the citizens. As Icke clearly illustrates in the film, when was the last time you spoke to someone that said they want a war? Wars are seen by many as a tool of the political hierarchy and the industrial-military-complex that enforces its agenda; serving themselves and protecting their own interests, not ours. If this wouldn’t be true you wouldn’t have gatherings throughout time protesting against it. Time and time again we see our elected officials forming part of a modern political monarchy that pays and rewards themselves while people are suffering. We see that money really talks and that money dictates choice in human society.

It’s this, Icke explains, that keeps us in perpetual servitude if we allow it to. And some clearly abide by different rules than the masses because of the status, wealth, or image they project. So who then is really running the show? And therein is the powerful reasoning that David Icke is building to: that the powers that be only have that power because of we are accepting of it. George Orwell once claimed that “Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.” In a similar fashion, David Icke states:

“The power of the few is in the acquiescence of the many. And if we stop acquiescing with our own enslavement, we cannot be enslaved.”

David Icke - Renegade of the Zeitgeist | Features | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
David Icke’s infamous appearance on Terry Wogan’s talk show in 1991

An Awakening

Television, movies, holdable devices, virtual reality gaming and our endless cycle of news and entertainment: we are consuming far more than ever before. They all transmit ‘programs’ – and they are called that for a reason. And we as a human race are spending so much time passively accepting thought programming from other sources externally that we subconsciously operate with a host of other people’s opinions, rather than concentrating on independently delving into the nature of society, how its constructed and orchestrated, or the vibrational reality of the universe. There’s an endless cycle of cooking programs and how to eat healthily, but nothing televised that advises us on the importance of taking a digital diet or becoming more selective in our viewing schedules. We are living with technological addictions that reinforce our desire to be ‘plugged in’ while simultaneously taking us out of ourselves, in effect, distancing us from expressing our true natures – a conscious state of being aware.

Not only is there a ‘socio-enlightenment’ awakening movement happening, but there has been a greater shift towards higher states of consciousness. This is something David Icke has been speaking about for years ever since he became conscious of a strong presence and thought form that he tells has guided him towards insights and information that have later turned out to be true. This has guided him to one of his strongest mantras: freedom from the prisons that enslave the mind. This harkens back to writing and discussions from the past where he explains that we are moving from a base energy experience to a heart-centered energy experience. Or to articulate it further in his famous book, The Biggest Secret:

For half of that 26,000 years the Earth is tilted towards the Black Sun [(the galactic sun)], the light source, and for the second 13,000 years it is tilted away, some researchers believe. These cycles are therefore very different as the planet is bathed in positive light for 13,000 years and then moves into the ‘darkness’ for the next 13,000. This fundamentally affects the energy in which we all live. Interestingly, it was 13,000 years ago that the Golden Age would appear to have concluded in cataclysm and conflict, and today, with the 13,000 year cycle of ‘darkness’ reaching its conclusion, there is a rapid global spiritual awakening and incredible events await us in the next few years. We are entering the light again.

As it stands today, we are faced with the increasing need to educate ourselves, develop economic independence, and adapt to societal changes that are bringing monopolizing corporations, broken or unjust banking systems and the outmoded democratic process under more scrutiny. Added to this is freedom to speak one’s mind:

“We are in a period now where speaking your truth, and not being intimidated into silence, is not just important its utterly crucial to where humanity goes from here.”

May future Ickonic generations heed the call.

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