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CE5: Making Alien Contact through Meditation

Suspend your disbelief and open yourself up to the impossible. This affirmation has existed in some guise in the world’s religions and perennial wisdom for thousands of years. It has also been integral to the advancement of the Sciences, including the evolution of accepted schools of thought in both academic and public circles. Consider some of the following startling ideas that form part of our reality:

Despite all of our intellect and intelligence we still do not use most of our brain power, nor can we clearly articulate where conscious resides. The fact that there is scientific evidence to support a non-locality theory of consciousness means that identity could possibly shift towards something more universal in nature. Secondly, atoms are mostly made up of empty space, causing many to revisit what it means to live in a solid universe. If this can be realized in a technological sense, we might be able to explain all kinds of phenomena related to the natural world, space and the laws of physics. Thirdly, we can only perceive a small bandwidth of light which forms visible reality and the part we can decode is limited by our biology.  Lastly, according to quantum theory and planetary scientists, not only is it possible for our cells to carry the particles of ancient dinosaurs, but most of the elements found in the human body were made in stars, some of which are recorded as being over one hundred times the size of our sun. Compare a concept such as this to the long-debated question, “are we alone in the universe?”, and the grounds for its improbability shrink faster and faster by the minute.

Dr. Greer moves a step up, introducing us to CE5 contact protocols that can be used to make direct contact with ETs

In his documentary, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, Dr. Greer goes far beyond the themes explored in his 2017 film, Unacknowedged, where he talked about black secret projects, the military industrial complex and its agenda, rogue shadow governments, and his 2001 National Press Club exposé which brought to light evidence of the existence of UFOs and non-terrestrial life, supported by credible corporate and military witnesses. Dr. Greer moves a step up, introducing us to CE5 contact protocols that can be used to make direct contact with ETs without the need of an intercessor, something that has been reported and documented by thousands of witnesses all across the world. The evidence supporting the existence of extra-terrestrial civilizations is, to borrow Dr. Greer’s phrasing, “an embarrassment of riches,” however there has been a host of suppressive countermeasures as described by the once infamous NASA website hacker, Gary McKinnon. Only time will tell how this knowledge will change the way we think and live.


Suppression of Alien Visitation and Technology

Since the 1940s, the American government, including the NSA and other agencies, have systematically colluded with other powers in one of the biggest cover ups in modern history: that Earth’s alien visitation by advanced civilizations is real. There is a mix of theories as to why this knowledge has been suppressed. Open questions raised in all Dr. Greer’s documentaries explore the breakdown effect introducing free energy systems would have on economies and societies worldwide. Next there is the age-old conspiracy touted by Verner von Braun who claimed that advanced, reversed engineered alien technology will be used to create a hoax alien threat and usher in an interplanetary war. Another notion is that key information is hidden to dissuade people from discovering the black military projects that are funded in the billions of dollars every year. In fact, evidence supplied in the past by Dr. Greer has top officials strongly suggesting that the UFO issue was, and is, more closely guarded than nuclear secrets and at one time was considered of even greater importance that the H-bomb.

According to the doctor and founder of CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) the suppression of technologies include zero point energy systems, anti-gravity, advanced energy propulsion systems, resource matter generators (or trans-dimensional interstellar manufacturing), electronic telepathy, and spacecraft guidance systems controlled through conscious-interfacing technology. If his claims prove to be true, it could bring deep and immediate changes to all human civilization.

There is the age-old conspiracy touted by Verner von Braun who claimed that advanced, reversed engineered alien technology will be used to create a hoax alien threat

One of the most arresting revelations to come out of Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind relates to a document released ten years ago by the FBI. According to ‘memorandum 6751’, a declassified file created in 1947, a US government official confirms the extraterrestrial phenomenon as real, and gives information specific to their origins, mission and technological capability. In this we learn of a ‘non-excarnate’ off-world people with a peaceful agenda intent on settling on Earth. The document details further where the human-like visitors come from:

“They do NOT come from any “planet” as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us…The region from which they come is Not the “astral plane”, but corresponds to the Lokas and Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms.”

Furthermore evidence of UFOs or identified ETVs (extraterrestrial vehicles) has allegedly broken through into mainstream media, leading the Pentagon and the U.S. Navy to admit the validity of the videos captured by their pilots. Tucker Carson had this to say on Fox News last year: “The Navy admitted that several UFO videos are in fact real, that cannot cannot be explained, and they show aerial phenomenon that baffles everyone including people who know a lot about it.” While some people are skeptical calling the videos evidence of some kind of secret military program, Professor Michio Kaku commented on the live news broadcast that, “the burden of proof used to be on the believers to prove that UFOs are real. Now the burden of proof has shifted to the government and the military to prove that they are not real. But the evidence is overwhelming.”

Full Spectrum Dominance of a One-Superpower World

Perhaps more alarming than withholding UFO disclosure from the public are the ideas behind why an official narrative perpetuated by world governments and mainstream media seeks to deride any truth seeker as conspiracists or citizens of kookville.

Numerous revelations reveal the involvement of these global powers in ‘problem-action-solution’ type events’ such as the US and foreign military engagements in Vietnam, South America, and the Arab Spring; denial of access to key information requested by Presidents who are supposed to be at the top of the chain of command; and the many thwarted requests submitted to both the CIA (which at one time claimed they had no such documents) and the NSA (which once refused requests by a Federal Court Judge on the basis that the information should be kept secret) for the release of UFO related documents under the Freedom of Information Act – a process which nuclear physicist and UFO researcher, Stanton T. Friedman, discovered didn’t always receive full cooperation or was deliberately hindered to stop the dissemination of sensitive information. Is it because it threatens national security or do they think revealing this to the populace will endow them with too much revolutionary power? Greer reveals that we are being indoctrinated into believing that the existence of UFOs is real but they are violating airspace and present a threat to our sovereignty. He goes on to state that: “this is the next big thing that they want the public to be afraid of.” 

Curiously, the planet’s most important closely guarded secret could be encouraging the world’s highest governing powers to rapidly expand their dominance, a move a growing number of people consider to be an anti-progressive creep towards oppressive dictatorships and ultimately the creation of a one-world government. Constitutional Attorney, Daniel Sheehan, comments on how citizens have experienced this covert development:

“They’ve been raised their entire political and professional career [which] has been designed to have this kind of artificial construct: [that] there’s this national airspace and nobody can come into the airspace unless we say so, and they’ve got this super control mechanism going and they’re right at this really important place right now where they’re attempting to establish a kind of one world government. You know they’ve gotten the communication systems up, the transportation systems up and they want to establish a planetary government. And there’s nothing that is going to motivate the creation of a one world government like the discovery of an ultimate other.”

Other information produced in Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind goes on to say that one of the U.S. governments post-Cold War successes is “the integration of the leading democracies into a U.S. – led system of collective security and the creation of a democratic ‘zone of peace.’” While it sounds like a mission of good will, conflicting statements reveal more sinister intentions over claims that the ultimate goal of the U.S. military force is for future forces to achieve global, dominant superiority:

“The United states must maintain its overseas presence forces and the ability to rapidly project power worldwide in order to achieve ‘full spectrum dominance.’”

The Science of Consciousness and Making Peaceful Contact

What is consciousness? Some might describe it as a state of awareness. Go deeper and it shines light on the incredible, inherent faculty of humans to perceive and examine their own wakefulness. Nobel Prize winner, Dr Erwin Schrödinger, argued that, “[t]he total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings.” This understanding that we are one of many evolved forms of life (plants, animals, and stars included) that developed in such a way as to be able to contemplate ourselves, the planet, our solar system and our greater collective connection to the cosmos demonstrates an advanced ability to examine the place or role human civilization has in the universe. The very idea that we can think of our thoughts, that these thoughts are electrical signals and chemicals, and that these in turn transmit to others our personalities and allow us to decode complex information in the environment around us into meaning is an incredible psychological feat. And it is something that is shared by the extraterrestrial civilizations that have been purportedly been visiting Earth.

According to Dr. Steven Greer’s book, Contact: Countdown to Transformation, attaining higher states of consciousness through deep meditation is the key to establishing contact. It is the “rosetta stone of interplanetary, extraterrestrial, interspecies communication.” Far from it being a fictionalized imagining of First Contact with alien life, Greer argues that Contact Groups around the world (including his own) have for decades made peaceful contact with EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) through a series of peaceful protocols he designed. This information is also supported with a declassified letter from former President, Nicolas Sarkozy, that details the success of contact established by the French government.

Greer argues that Contact Groups around the world (including his own) have for decades made peaceful contact with EBEs

Just imagine the empowering impact such a revelation would have were there evidence of alien visitation. And Dr. Greer reports to have plenty of it. In the documentary he arguably supplies some of the best, startling modern UFO footage and ‘contact experiences’ ever captured. A small volume of video evidence is supplied in the documentary and while viewers should take these clips on board with a healthy dose of skepticism (as everything unexplainable could be potentially classed as aerial phenomenon) it is worth noting that, in Stanton T. Friedman’s explosive book TOP SECRET/MAJIC, Friedman discovered that professional researchers into the ‘Project Blue Book Special Report 14’ created in the ’50s (which included over 3000 sightings, 600 of which were unexplainable) determined that the “probability of ‘unknowns’ simply being missed ‘knowns’ was less than one percent.” The same principle could be applied to Greer’s research and encounters. However, instead of going the way of information dumping and listing even more evidence to corroborate and support his claims the doctor pushes people to break their own perceptive boundaries by creating their own Contact Teams that “understand the technologies of the science of consciousness” and investigate for themselves.  Those with altruistic intentions will experience contact, he promises.

Greer goes on to argue that the way out of the oppressive states created by Fascistic demagogues is to come together as non-violent ambassadors of universal peace to these civilizations, comparing it to the citizen diplomat efforts who established peaceful contact with the Soviet Union during the darkest days of the Cold War. It requires a social movement led by a deeply informed citizenry to generate and facilitate this change. He clarifies this further by saying:

“This entire movie is about the empowerment of people coming together to make contact… Real disclosure is humans making contact with these civilizations directly. And these civilizations are waiting for us to do it.”

  1. es un Irresponsable. y por supuesto no es un contactado. los contactados, los de verdad no hablan siquiera del tema. se contacta a una persona por una razón, si quisiesen revelarse al mundo aparecerrían en central park. es un ignorante y ademas peligroso. se entromete

    1. mucha negatividad proviene de tu mensaje, si eres humano, una persona libre y de miente abierta, debes difundir amor y aceptar nueva informacion. Eres tu la persona peligrosa, te deseo lo mejor.

  2. I’ve had very interesting experiences using the app and i have to say it left me astonished. I do believe that beings in other dimensions exist now because of my experiences. I’ve believed in this theory for quite a bit, but the more recent publicity of it has me more interested. I am in shock because of my experiences.

  3. I have a question for Dr. Steven Greer. I experienced a sighting when I was 9-years-old. I am now 63-years-old.
    I have since confirmed there was a sighting in my city that made the local newspaper. Two boys photographed the same sighting. The photos were given to the Air Force who determined that they had no idea what this craft was.

    Fast forward…I have watched around 50-75 documentaries and read nearly 20 books on the ET existence since my early 30’s.
    Many experts have stated that there is an equal polarity of good and evil in the universe with all life forms.
    How can one be “ calm and comfortable” contacting other life forms in the cosmic universe as you have stated needs to be in your “Disclosure” episodes on Gaia?

  4. I do agree, Greer does charge too much for what he does but I do believe he has been on the right track and has good intentions. The main goal is to get more people involved with CE5. Do you need Greer to help you make contact? No, not at all. And by no means is this guy putting people under hypnotic trances to make then believe. Contact meditations, in my opinion should me roughly 10-15 min. At the end of the meditation you come out of it with a clear and open mind. People tend to have the odd assumption that when going into a hypnotic state you are totally open and vulnerable to any outside suggestions. This is so not true. Doing CE5 or any mediation does not turn you into a stage puppet. While in a deep hypnotic state, one is fully aware of their state being and is in full control. Why might someone meditate? Perhaps to become fully aware of yourself and your surroundings. To understand and feel the different parts of your body. The more you are able to push away the 3d chatter of the mind, the more you are able to understand the sublties of contact.

  5. I’m am hugely grateful for Dr Greers honesty & openness in helping me & the rest of us to understand what is in actual fact Truth about the Universe & other living Species out there I would like nothing more than more advanced beings to help us with the mess Capitalism has made to our beautiful World these people no who they are Thank you

  6. I am curious to know why Dr Greer doesn’t cite the sources he uses to support his assertions. He makes very bold claims about scientific support for his ideas and CE5 but provides no sources to substantiate his claims. My observation is that this is not a scientific quest as it is a pseudo-religious quest.
    I found on Amazon a book authored by Greer that cost over $200 buying or renting Greer’s movies and seminars costs as much as $50 a pop. His live week seminars cost thousands.
    Greer asks for your trust and confidence in his meditation techniques to contact aliens from other planets however it is a known fact that meditation is a subjective practice that not only alters consciousness but makes one very suggestible.
    Guided meditation can place people into a highly suggestive hypnotic state.
    Greer knows this and uses his medical background to draw people into his cult-like community which I suspect is a very lucrative cash payday for Greer. Come to clean Steven Greer

    1. Your just another backward government lackey trying to turn people away from this knowledge for personal gain. yes I’m sure he does charge money for his books or for his is in person conventions but a person has to pay their bills he has to have a home to live in and yes it support his family he has to eat when you spend all your time teaching the ce5 protocols and not working a nine to five job and how are you supposed to support yourself there’s charities out there that are nonprofit that the person running the non-profit gets paid money to support themselves and their family even though it’s a non-profit when it takes all the time to do it you got to get paid that way you can support yourself so you can continue the good cause so you’re either a government lackey or an idiot

  7. I want to find others near enough to me to attempt to communicate with alien crafts. I live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and have advanced optics.

    1. I would love to make contact as well I live in Waterbury Connecticut and I don’t know if people out here even think about doing something like this but I wish they would life would be so much better around my way cause it really needs it

  8. Very interesting stuff. Have been following Dr. Greer for a few years now. I am very interested in learning how to meditate properly to contact ET.I though I witnessed UFOs when I was a kid but never told anyone except my wife years later.


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