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Unacknowledged: The Pervading Myths and Truths of Our Non-Terrestrial Encounters

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne of the earliest known UFO reported sightings was made by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The explorer and his crew all witnessed an eerie orb that possessed a quality like that of a flickering wax candle.  If you thought his discovery of the New World was a ground-breaking accomplishment of human history, just imagine if this were to be affirmed as early proof of centuries-long documented encounters with our interplanetary cousins. Yet this is not the only account from the medieval times.

Later, in mid-16 century Germany, the whole town of Nuremberg awoke to strange sightings filling the sky. Black arrows, crosses, many-colored discs and other geometric shapes battled for almost an hour above the town. Many believed it to be signs from god similar to the appearance of the Chi Rho monogram that called on Emperor Constantine to ‘conquer’ by its sign. Thankfully the artist Hans Glaser recorded the moment in the now-famed woodcuts and prints of the 1560s.

Woodcutting by medieval artist, Hans Glaser

Was it a war of the heavens? Could it have been a mass witnessing of an advanced technological race? Some have dismissed these as either visions or religiosity steeped in superstition. In light of that, we need more evidence. And this is where we turn to the famous Armenian archaeologist, Zecharia Sitchin, and his contemporary and critic, David Icke.

Alien Progenitor Race or Swiftian Satire?

Zecharia Sitchin is the author of The Earth Chronicles – a septology or research into Sumerian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Hebrew, and Greek records that allegedly delve into the truth of our past: that we were genetically created by an alien culture, the biblical Nefilim, for the purpose of forced labor. In his most famous work, Planet X, Sitchin goes on further to say that not only is man a stranger to Earth, but was seeded here by our supposed creator-ancestors from Niburu – a twelfth planet of our solar system with an immense 3600-year celestial orbit. He argues:

Scholars have become uneasy about life on Earth: Somehow, it does not belong here. If it began through a series of spontaneous chemical reactions, why does life on Earth have but a single source, and not a multitude of chance sources? And why does all living matter on Earth contain too little of the chemical elements that abound on Earth, and too much of those that are rare on our planet? Was life, then, imported to Earth from elsewhere?

Hebrew and Greek texts are said to be based on even older evidence that traces back to Sumerian and other ancient Mesopotamian records. These are said to predate Christian mythology and biblical legend and may  be the basis and original narrative source of its stories. Samuel Noel Kramer, leading Assyriologist and author of Sumerian Mythology, researched myth and legend, describing ‘Eastern events’ like the Great Deluge, Adam and Eve in Eden, and Moses’ birth as being part of older tradition of stories which has been changed through thousands of years of translation. Sitchin goes further on to claim that the stories about the Sumerian Gods, including Anu, Enki, Enlil and Ninhursag, were actually real beings who were treated as gods by their technologically inferior human worshipers.

Whether you believe that fact or not, it is at least evocative writing – a kind of scientific paradoxical thinking or a form of ‘culturally introspective kenosis through macrosociology’ that uses alien beings as a figurative device with which we can use to explore society’s norms and zeitgeists as part of an entirely new teaching of wisdom. But perhaps what is most effective, that transcends Erich Von Deniken’s much maligned and poorly sourced Chariots of the Gods, is the strength of the archaeological evidence and interpretations Sitchin supplies. Like this one:

David Icke on the other hand, infamously known for his own outrageous claims, calls us to question the validity of Zecharia Sitchin’s interpretations. Called a political and cultural satirist by some and a highly knowledgeable controversial speaker by others, Icke has garnered ridicule and a large following in equal measure. On one hand, David Icke deplores the rise of Scientism and New Agism as superficial next-gen forms of control which seems to hold some weight. He also explains that we are entering a kind of spiritual revolution where we are ‘waking up’ – detailing in his book, The Biggest Secret, that we may be entering into the dawn of a new golden age that coincides with our planet shifting towards the positive light of the black or ‘galactic sun,’ ushering in 13000 years of global spiritual awakening.

David then begins deviating into the incredulous territory for which he is well known. He posits that the world is controlled by a race of genetic manipulating reptilian entities obsessed with bloodlines that have been part of serpent worship for thousands of years, similar to the Zulu legends of the Chitauri or Annunaki (translated as ‘Those from Heaven to Earth Came”) of Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian legend, and which people were said to have feared greatly. Secondly, he explains that the moon is an artificial construct, something he explores in his speaking tours:


As far out as these claims are, who are we to believe? There is a common thread in both Sitchin and Icke’s writings that point out that much of our own celestial and cultural past is unknown and that what’s considered accepted knowledge and events are being brought into question as to their truth of the established record – especially when it comes to the extraterrestrial elements that entwine with our human history. This is something that is explored in relative depth in the documentary, Unacknowledged, created by Dr. Steven M Greer.

Contemporary Myth or the Greatest Revelation? Unacknowledged and UFO Disclosure

Dr. Greer mirrors Sitchin in that he provides a host of evidence to support his theories. In fact, he states that there is an ‘embarrassment of riches’ to support the truth behind UFOs and their cover-ups. Yet he says:

We have this blockage in the mainstream media and scientific establishment saying, ‘where is the evidence?’

Through eye witness accounts, archives of declassified documentation and his own research through The Disclosure Project, he is calling for a greater transparency of information and an end to illegal secrecy. He argues that not only is humankind being visited by extraterrestrial civilizations, but that covert military programs or ‘Unacknowledged Secret Access Projects’ (USAPs) are being funded by a deep black, non-government force that US Senator, Daniel Inouye, said has their own Air Force, Navy, and  fund-raising mechanisms. They are operating at a level that is not even disclosed to the president. Apparently it is information that is far above the leader’s need to know. He lists presidents Harry Truman, General Ford, Jimmy Carter, JFK, and Bill Clinton as some of the high-profile authorities that tried to gain more access to sensitive information about extraterrestrial visitations but were waylaid from pursuing their lines of inquiry.

This information covers everything from astronaut’s confirmations of ETs, satellite mosaic-picture collages indicating the presence of alien moon bases, air force pilots tracking and intercepting strange craft, as well as Wernher von Braun’s predictions of false flag staged alien invasions. Yet skepticism and media corruption continues to thwart dialogues seeking truth. But it seems that The Vatican publicly embraces the issue. They’ve even released an official statement:

Extraterrestrial life is going to be discovered much sooner than anybody previously expected. And for this reason, the time has now arrived for the beginning of a very serious discussion about the philosophical and theological questions that are posed to our human family by the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

If and when this UFO disclosure occurs it will be regarded as one of the defining moments of our planetary history. It also will impact us immensely on global culture and force us to redefine our beliefs. The truth is no longer out there. It’s here.

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