Rising Impact Manga by Nakaba Suzuki is Being Turned into a Netflix Anime

Based on Nakaba Suzuki's golf-themed manga

Netflix just announced a new anime coming to their ever-growing catalog — Rising Impact. Nakaba Suzuki’s golf-themed manga is getting the animated treatment, and fans can expect not one, but two seasons to swing their way. Set to hit the streaming platform in June and August 2024, respectively, this golfing extravaganza promises to be a real game-changer.

The Plot

Gawain, a kid living in the mountains, is all about baseball. He loves making the ball fly high. One day, a mysterious lady shows up and tells him about golf—a sport where you hit the ball really far. Gawain tries it once, and he’s hooked!

With his grandpa’s thumbs up, Gawain heads to Tokyo with the mysterious lady to learn all about golf. The city is big and busy, and Gawain meets lots of interesting people. He faces challenges on the golf course and off, but he’s determined to get better.

Tokyo becomes the backdrop for Gawain’s golf adventure, where he discovers new friends and the joy of chasing his passion. It’s a simple tale of a small-town kid spreading his wings in the big city, making golf balls dance in the sky, and finding happiness in unexpected places.

The cast is stacked with talent, featuring Misaki Kuno as the lead, Gawain Nanaumi, and a squad of other stellar voice actors bringing the characters to life. It’s like assembling an all-star team for the anime fairway.

The anime promises to be a gripping tale of growth, competition, and the love of the game, spanning across two seasons. With its June and August premieres, it’s shaping up to be the ultimate binge-worthy sports anime experience.

Will you be checking out the new Rising Impact anime when it airs on Netflix?

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