Check Out the Trailer for Thrilling New Irish Drama ‘The Black Guelph’

Won best film at the 2022 Oldenburg Film Festival

Check out the trailer for this thrilling new Irish drama, The Black Guelph, which won best film at the 2022 Oldenburg Film Festival and is currently experiencing a limited U.S. theatrical release. The will roll out on digital and VOD on June 25.


Kanto, a small time drug dealer trying to get off the streets whose long absent father Cormac, an industrial school survivor, returns home looking for forgiveness and reconciliation

The Black Guelph dives into the corrupt chaos of a small-time drug dealer, Canto, who yearns to escape the clutches of his criminal life. However, his aspirations for redemption get complicated when his estranged father reemerges, igniting a tumultuous journey of forgiveness and self-discovery. As Canto grapples with his grimly choices, the film unfolds as an unyielding critique of power dynamics and societal corruption.

 The dark Irish crime thriller is centered on Ireland’s Travellers community, and is inspired by Dante’s Inferno and the seventh terrace of lust. The symbolism of unresolved sexualized trauma permeates down through the generations and flows deep within the psyche.

The film’s riveting narrative and poignant performances, notably Graham Earley’s portrayal of Canto, have captivated audiences worldwide, and securing him the esteemed Seymour Cassel Award for Outstanding Performance. With its compelling storyline and powerful performances, The Black Guelph stands as a testament to the enduring relevance of cinema in confronting pressing societal issues.

The Black Guelph is directed and written by Josh Connors. Written, edited, and produced by Tiernan Williams. Produced by Maria O’Neill. Executive produced by Kevin Glynn and Dylan Stagno. Cinematography by Carl Quinn. A Cluster Fox Films production.

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