Folk-Pop Songstress Mary Middlefield Purges Her Pain on New EP ‘Poetry (for the scorned and lonely)’

Purges Her Pain And Starts Anew With Latest EP

Swiss folk-pop artist Mary Middlefield is honored to release her brand new EP Poetry (for the scorned and lonely), available now across music platforms. The EP itself comes after singles “Sexless”, “Atlantis”, “Heart’s Desire” and “Young and Dumb”.

With her latest EP, Mary Middlefield moves forward with a clear mind and a blank canvas. This record is for those who are still trying to move on from past relationship troubles. A place for the lonely, scorned, and stuck. The screams, yearnings, and suffering of Mary Middlefield are invited to be shared.

With Poetry (for the scorned and lonely), Mary Middlefield explores the darker elements of love and lust after historically crafting music about unrequited love. This record discusses taboo subjects like abuse in relationships as well as the feeling of isolation that accompanies it. 

The sadistic love ballad “Atlantis” explores the dilemma of being infatuated with a person who offers so little in return.

“Heart’s Desire” showcases evocative lyrics and an enveloping, ethereal atmosphere enhanced by lush guitars. Detailing the horrors of statuatory rape, manipulation and grooming, “Heart’s Desire” sees Middlefield delivering a casually brooding tune.

Bringing a delicate blend of indie alt-rock, post-punk and grunge to Mary Middlefield’s sound, “Young and Dumb” relies on Middlefield’s captivating voice and a lush instrumental backdrop to create a brooding slice of  darker alternative pop.

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