Mary Middlefield Confronts Sadistic Love with Latest Single “Atlantis”

A stripped-down sadistic love ballad

Swiss folk-pop artist Mary Middlefield is proud to share her latest single “Atlantis”, available now across music platforms. The track follows October’s single “Sexless.”

“Atlantis” was recorded in Lausanne’s AKA Studio with Alexis Sudan. The sadistic love ballad explores the dilemma of being infatuated with a person who offers so little in return. Originally a stripped-down track, Mary Middlefield and producer Gwen Buord rearranged the second part with intricate ukulele arrangements. The two tweaked the track and added an underwater feel to add a more euphoric feel. Strings and synths were added to the song, making it sound dreamier and really embracing that folk/pop sound.

“Atlantis” combines delicate vocals and intricate synths to create a baroque folk-pop piece that truly captivates.

In Lausanne, Switzerland, wildflower-trails blaze with ultraviolet color, mountains of myth surround a lake of sapphire. It’s a beauty so intense that it pacifies itself, turns still, and silent. Musician Mary Middlefield—who, for all her life, has called Lausanne home—splits the landscape apart, turning it into a wild scream. Her music is like a howl in the beautiful wilderness.

A former student of classical violin, 22 year-old Mary Middlefield now wields high drama, desire, and vulnerability as keys to making meaning in a complicated universe, where love and abuse coincide. Her roomy, stream-of-consciousness songs veer between a keening pop-punk fueled intensity and a lovely folk-inspired softness, inspired by the likes of Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley, as well as more recent artists like Claud, Jockstrap and The Japanese House.

Mary Middlefield’s upcoming EP is a purging of emotion, one that’s allowing her to move forward with a clear mind and a clean palette. But for now, this is music for the people who are stuck, scorned and lonely. Middlefield invites you to suffer and yearn and scream alongside her.

What do you think of her latest single?

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