Razor Braids Confront the Loss of Platonic Love On New Single “Big Wave”

An ode to heartbreak

Razor Braids return with the fourth and final single from the highly anticipated new LP, Big Wave (out June 7th).

Sonically containing a slower tempo than the previous singles released for this album, the titular track “Big Wave” casts Razor Braids in a more emotional light. An ode to heartbreak experienced as a result of a failed platonic relationship, the track oozes in melancholy and fits like a warm hug. Synonymous with a wave, these destabilizing feelings can swoop in and carry away their prey just as the Brooklyn three piece lament. With yearning vocals and surfy guitar tones, the new track is perfect for a breezy spring day.

When speaking about the inspiration behind “Big Wave”, Razor Braids says the following: 

“Big Wave” is about processing the loss of non-romantic love (friendship, family fights) and how devastating that kind of heartbreak is. It’s destabilizing and can feel as if you’ll be carried away by it. IT’S A BIG WAVE!”

“Big Wave” was written in the summer of 2023 and recorded at Paper Moon Studios, with production credits from Jeremy Given and Jake Cheriff. Accompanying the single is an emotional video showcasing the power of friendship and the ways in which we stick by our friends during hard times. Throughout, we see the band frolicking around Coney Island after rescuing Hollye Bynum from a platonic breakup.

How are we feeling about this one?

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