Netflix Premieres Trailer for New Anime Series My Daemon

Set to premiere November 23rd

Great news for anime fans. Netflix has announced a new anime series, My Daemon, set to premiere on November 23rd. Hidetaka Adachi (also known as Otsuichi), known for his work on Exception, Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror, Summer Ghost, is responsible for writing the animated series at the renowned Thai animation studio IGLOO STUDIO. Nat Yoswatananont will be directing the series. 

The first announcement for this anime was made at TUDUM in September 2022, when we received our first look at My Daemon. Even though not much was revealed about the anime at the time, the series was announced by the TUDUM Japan where they revealed the show with Netflix’s Anime accounting during a presentation. There was also a tweet and the very first design of our main protagonist. Otsuichi, the novelist and the mastermind behind the new series is a well-known horror and detective literature writer. 

This anime series is the first full anime production working with Thai animators based in Bangkok. They’ve also worked on Netflix’s Love Death + Robots and have also worked on famous titles like Farmhouse, Warhammer: Odyssey, and the music video MV-Orbit. With 200 team members in total, Igloo is set to bring something really exciting to the table. The series itself will have English and Japanese audio along with other dub and sub options.

When it comes to the plot of the series, the story depicts a very kind boy along with a strange creature named Anna as they go on an adventure. Further, the story expands on Kento, our main character, describing him as someone who lives in downtown Tokyo who spends majority of his days with Anna, a daemon he found in the woods.

In the story, life takes a crazy turn after a nuclear bomb creates a rift which connects Earth to Hell. Cue dust pollution from Hell, making things pretty chaotic. In the middle of this chaos, Anna, the daemon, gets hated by everyone but Kento decides to be there for her, adopting her. Fast forward, Kento’s mom gets in trouble after an accident where Kento and Anna, the dynamic duo, set out on a journey to save Kento’s mom. 

The story of My Daemon is not an ordinary one, it’s a life full of love, adoption, and a quest for a happy ending! This adventurous anime will satisfy all of your cravings and is definitely set out to make an impact on anime fans! So, mark your calendars for the official release of My Daemon and brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

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