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A New Manga in the Spider-Verse is Coming, Titled Spider-Man: Octopus Girl

Introducing a brand new character Otoha Okutamiya

The Spider-Verse has just expanded its web with the brand new release of Spider-Man: Octopus Girl in Japan, an exciting manga collaboration that will feature the iconic duo of Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus. The manga is illustrated by Betten Court, and the cover of the first volume has just been revealed, capturing the essence of the classic rivalry between Peter Parker and his nefarious foe. 

What makes this manga exciting is the introduction of a brand new character named Otoha Okutamiya who gets caught in the clash between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus. The twist? Doctor Octopus, traditionally a surly villain, finds himself sharing bodies with Otoha after falling into a coma in his usual form. Now, the villainous doctor must spend his life in the shoes of a middle schooler, and not even Peter Parker is aware of this mysterious development. 

Spider-Man: Octopus Girl explores the partnerships between Otoha and Doctor Octopus as they get used to sharing a single body. The manga takes a delightful turn as Otoha’s juvenile wisdom proves to be a formidable match for Doc Oc’s usual demeanor. Fans have been treated to adorable chapters that peel back the layers of Doctor Octopus, revealing a caring side beneath the brutal mask and madness. 

As for now, the manga is exclusively available in Japan, leaving fans worldwide hopeful for a future English release. Given Viz Media’s track record of bringing popular manga titles to the Western audience, there’s optimism that Spider-Man: Octopus Girl could swing its way into the international markets as well! The creators behind this masterpiece were also responsible for their impressive work on My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. It gathered a dedicated fan following that has hyped up the anticipation for this Marvel adaptation. 

With the success of previous Marvel manga series like Deadpool: Samurai, the prospect of Spider-Man: Octopus Girl crossing borders is an exciting one. As fans eagerly await news of a potential English release, the unique premise and the skilled hands behind its creation make this manga a must-watch in the ever-expanding Spider-Verse.

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