Beloved Anime/Manga Series Vinland Saga is Getting Two Stage Plays

These stage plays are set to run in Tokyo from April 19-29

Ever dreamt of seeing your favorite anime plays? Well, we have got some exciting news for you! Vinland Saga manga is officially getting two stage plays surrounding iconic characters like Thorfinn and Canute. 

These stage plays are set to run in Tokyo from April 19-29. The plays are titled as Vinland Saga the Stage: At the End of the End of the Ocean and Revival of the Hero. Each play is written and directed by Daisuke Nishida and will have eight performances at the Kokumin Kyōsai Coop Hall / Space Zero.

The cast includes Shōhei Hashimoto as Thorfinn, Ryō Kitamura as Canute, Seijiro Nakamura as Thors, Takeshi Hayashino as Thorkell, Ryoko Isogai as Bjorn, Yojiro Murata as Floki, and more. Notably, the plays will feature Saaya Yamasaki in the Thorfinn-centric play as Ylva.

The Plot

The manga, published by Kodansha USA Publishing in English, tells the tale of Thorfinn, the son of a Viking warrior seeking revenge against Askeladd, the mercenary leader who killed his father. The story unfolds as Thorfinn becomes entangled in a war for the crown of England, offering an epic and highly-anticipated narrative.

Created by Makoto Yukimura, Vinland Saga debuted in 2005 and has garnered widespread acclaim, with over 7 million copies in circulation. The series shifted from Weekly Shōnen Magazine to Afternoon in the same year. The anime adaptation, which premiered in July 2019, consists of 24 episodes. The second season followed in January 2023.

The stage plays will provide fans with a unique opportunity to witness the beloved characters live on stage, with Vinland Saga continuing to captivate audiences in various forms of media. As the plays promise an interesting experience with their talented cast and creative direction, fans of the manga and anime can look forward to a thrilling and dynamic representation of the Viking saga.

Would you be down to check out a Vinland Saga stage play?

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