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The Pokemon Company Have Announced a New Manga All About Snorlax

Titled Snorlax's Dream Gourmet

Always busy, the latest announcement from The Pokemon Company was about the launch of a new manga centered around Snorlax. Titled Snorlax’s Dream Gourmet, the six-part manga will be crafted by Taku Kuwabara, renowned as the creator of Drifting Dragons. This development showcases Pokemon’s continual expansion across various media platforms, with a particular focus on exploring the narrative potential of individual Pokemon species.

The plot of the manga revolves around a Uva Academy student named Kumura, who is engaged in constructing a device capable of transforming dreams into sounds. A fascinating twist emerges as Kumura collaborates with Snorlax, one of Pokemon’s iconic and sleepiest monsters, to analyze the creature’s dreams.

The manga promises to delve into Snorlax’s psyche, revealing how the monster’s dreams undergo transformation based on the food it is given. This unique premise adds a fresh perspective to the Pokemon universe, offering fans an intimate exploration of the inner workings of one of their favorite Pokemon.

The collaboration with Taku Kuwabara, known for his expertise in crafting intricate and visually captivating narratives as evidenced by Drifting Dragons, heightens expectations for the artistic and storytelling quality of Snorlax’s Dream Gourmet. Fans are eagerly anticipating Kuwabara’s take on the Pokemon world, especially with a focus on the whimsical and enigmatic Snorlax.

This Snorlax-centric manga project is part of a broader trend within the Pokemon franchise, which consistently introduces diverse content to cater to the evolving interests of its fanbase. The announcement hints at the possibility of more Pokemon-focused manga projects in the future, promising a continuous stream of engaging narratives that explore the rich lore and personalities of different Pokemon species.

As Pokemon enthusiasts anticipate the release of Snorlax’s Dream Gourmet, the franchise remains active on various fronts. Recent developments include the conclusion of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet generation, with expectations for revelations about the next game region. Additionally, the ongoing Pokemon Horizons anime, slated for a Netflix debut in early March, continues to captivate audiences, showcasing the franchise’s commitment to delivering fresh and compelling content across different mediums. 

Will you be reading the new Pokemon manga?

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