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Katie Burden - 'Edge of Sleep' Reaction | Opinions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Katie Burden – ‘Edge of Sleep’ Reaction

The subconscious worlds that await beyond the edge of sleep never cease to amaze, filling us with a deep sense of wonder, awe, and sometimes even terror. Katie Burden’s new EP is a befitting visceral exploration of those infinitely fascinating worlds.

The first three songs were dreams, they would definitely be closer to nightmares than sweet, serene dreams. And creating a musical representation of a nightmare is every bit as challenging as voicing a blissful and wondrously beautiful dream, if not even more so, and Katie Burden has done a great job at building an offsetting experience that still has musical merit. As such, the first part of Edge of Sleep would lend itself extremely well to some quality horror movie scenes which rely on the power of its plot and cinematography rather than on cheap gore.

The last two songs of the album fall more on the strictly wondrous side of the dream experience. They sound like ambiguous and inviting dreams, embellished by playful, quaint, and mysterious sounds and melodies, as well as some speech-like sections that feel just like the preachings of our subconscious.

Edge of Sleep is a very intriguing and ambitious album, filled with lots of promise and tasty quirkiness, just like dreams.

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Katie Burden – ‘Edge of Sleep’ Reaction
Just like dreams, 'Edge of Sleep' is a visceral exploration of the subconscious, filled with wondrous, unusual, and scary musical encounters.

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