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Desmond Myers – “Playing with Fire” Reaction

Male falsetto seems to have found a true home in the intersections of modern pop, soul, and R&B, and Desmond Myers, and his slow-burning ballad “Playing with Fire” and its tasteful video make that home inviting, alluring, and haunting.

Even though describing male falsetto as sensual and gentle, especially the kind that has been dominating the aforementioned genres in recent years, is like describing a type of chocolate as chocolaty, Desmond Myers’s rich signing can really stand out from the fierce competition. In “Playing with Fire,” his singing is as smooth and natural as the free flow of a master fire performer, captivating with its many subtleties and variations. The whole song is replete with emotion that burns slowly and deeply, hypnotizing and soothing the senses. It’s also peppered with some gentle electro sound effects that feel like little sparkles and smoke trails spiraling up from Myers’ “game.”

The video to “Playing with Fire” is just what the ballad needs – as simplistic as it’s stylish, tasteful, elegant, colorful, yet leaving plenty to the imagination.

Desmond Myers is a talented young artist, and we’re excited to see the next forms his talent manifests itself in.

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Desmond Myers – “Playing with Fire” Reaction
Describing male falsetto as soulful may be like describing chocolate as chocolaty, but Desmond Myers' singing and his "Playing with Fire" epitomize that.

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