The John & Alice Coltrane Has Prepared a New Program Titled ‘The Year Of Alice’

They've declared 2024-25 to be The Year of Alice

An official press release from The John & Alice Coltrane Home and the Coltrane Family announced that in partnership with Impulse! Records, Detroit Jazz Festival, Hammer Museum, Alonzo King LINES Ballet, The New York Historical Society, and many more, have declared 2024-2025 to be THE YEAR OF ALICE, celebrating the extensive life work of spiritual leader, composer, and musician Alice Coltrane.

To honor her legacy, 2024 will see a slew of tributary music events, programming, concert series, music releases and more to celebrate the life and legacy of Alice Coltrane.

Along with the already announced release of Alice Coltrane – The Carnegie Hall Concert, (March 22, 2024), the program will include a series of other events like concerts, a presentation of dance works set to Alice Coltrane’s music, restoration of her harp, presentation of her literary works and other.

Ravi Coltrane, son of Alice Coltrane, says: “Alice was ahead of her time, one of the first people to move outside the mainstream, and certainly one of the first female, black, American jazz musicians to record her own music in her own studio, and to release music on her own terms. There is something to be said about timing. It can take a moment for people to recognize where the energies are, where the weight is…  But now people across all generations are finding their way to Alice’s music in a myriad of different ways. It’s hard to pinpoint what makes her music so powerful, but there’s something in her spirit, in her intention that is very clear – and people can feel that immediately.”

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