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Amy Aileen Wood Teams Up with Fiona Apple for New Single “Rolling Stops”

For Fans Of: Fiona Apple, Joseph Shabason, Dave Harrington, Benny Bock, Terrace Martin

Grammy winning drummer Amy Aileen Wood just shared her brand new single, “Rolling Stops,” featuring the iconic Fiona Apple. Wood’s a highly regarded player of long standing who has habitually avoided the spotlight. She has been a major part of Fiona Apple’s recent catalog, including a co-production credit on the much loved Fetch The Bolt Cutters. Apple makes an appearance here, her wordless vocals weaving in and out much like Nicole McCabe’s excellent alto playing. 

Amy Aileen Wood says, “‘Rolling Stops’ captures raw, playful performances in a stream of consciousness. It began with a drum take, shaped and slowed down by producer Pete Min, setting the tone. I then added layers of percussion and Kalimba. Inviting friends Fiona Apple, Sebastian Steinberg, Wayne Whittaker, and Nicole McCabe to contribute unfiltered, spontaneous takes propelled this musical exploration to new heights.”

Along with “Rolling Stops,” Amy Aileen Wood announced her upcoming solo LP The Heartening, coming out April 29th via L.A.’s Colorfield Records.

Amy takes full advantage of Pete Min’s studio here, rotating through his collecting of incredible vintage synths, with several tracks built around beautifully sparse piano structures. The album almost listens like a pop version of experimental music to me, providing a feeling of hookiness even as the audio itself may feature tripped out laughter over synth loops and processed drums. 

What do you think of “Rolling Stops”?

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