New Look Trailer at Netflix’s New Food-Fueled Anime Delicious in Dungeon

D&D with lots of gourmet cooking

Delicious in Dungeon, a new dark fantastical anime with lots of gourmet cooking, and a splash of humor is coming soon to Netflix. The flavorful realm of the Delicious in Dungeon manga ― produced by Ryoko Kui ― has been simmering since 2014 under Japan’s Enterbrain imprint, a subsidiary of Kadokawa.

Yen Press brought this culinary adventure to the United States in 2016, teasing taste buds with a unique blend of dark fantasy and gourmet exploits. Brace yourselves, for the anime feast is upon us!

First announced in August 2022, Studio Trigger took the helm, promising to whip up an animated spectacle that’s as visually tempting as it is narratively delicious. With Netflix as the global serving platter, fans worldwide are in for a binge-worthy treat.  

Now, Kadokawa just shared the first trailer for the upcoming anime, and it’s got English subtitles. The cool part? It’s hitting screens as soon as January 2024. The opening song is by Bump of Chicken, the band that did the music for cool shows like Tales of the Abyss and Spy x Family.

The trailer shines a spotlight on the main plot where Laios and his gang are on a mission to bring Falin back to life. Forget the usual hype about chowing down on dungeon monsters; this time, it’s all about the resurrection game. And guess what? More trailers are likely headed our way soon, each shining a light on different aspects of the show.

So, fans of Delicious in Dungeon ― or fans of Dungeons & Dragons looking for a fresh twist on the genre ― mark your calendars for what could be Netflix’s next big anime series.

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