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AM Clouds – “Tune Me In” Reaction

“Tune Me In” by Oregon-based Americana rockers AM Clouds somehow carries the melodic joyous frivolity of the ’90s alternative rock scene.

Rhythmic jangly guitars make your head sway from the very first section, which culminates in a very ’90s, snappy, simplistic and catchy Teenage Dirtbaggy chorus that could easily infect an entire crowd to sing out loud. The vocals throughout the entire song are top-notch – just the right amount of a classically rocky nonchalance against the backdrop of a full, rich voice.

One of the choruses is followed by a very melodic guitar solo that also feels like a staple of ’90s quality alternative rock bands.  

“Tune Me In” has something earthwormy about it, stemming partly from its purely musical merits, but from an intangible source as well, like the overall feeling of exuberance and carefree living, perhaps marked by a readiness for rebellion against anything that could get in the way of it.

Overall, “Tune Me In” has all the makings of an alternative rock hit in both the ’90s and today. AM Clouds’ forthcoming sophomore LP, Rainmaker, is out on Feb. 14th.

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AM Clouds – “Tune Me In” Reaction
With its melodic, joyous frivolity, "Tune Me In" by AM Clouds has all the makings of an alternative rock hit in both the '90s and today.

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