Concept art has finally been revealed of the long-gestating ‘Avatar 2’

The 4 sneak peek images reveal new, unexplored parts of the fictional world of Pandora

To its many fervent fans around the world, the wait for Avatar’s sequel, which was originally supposed to come out in 2018, has seemed endless. The film’s director James Cameron has attributed the delay to technology not being advanced enough to recreate his vision. And even though there are still roughly 2 more years to go, at least now we have a little something to hold on to, a fix of morphine if you will, in the form of gorgeous concept art from Avatar 2. The images were first shared on the franchise’s Twitter page and also on the one of 20th Century Fox, which is the production house behind the sequel, before Cameron presented them at the 2020 Consumer Show in Las Vegas on January 6.

The 4 sneak peek images reveal new, unexplored parts of the fictional world of Pandora, which mesmerized us with its otherworldly beauty all the way back in 2009. The images feature Na’vi riding banshees, spectacular outcrops and floating rocks, a sweeping scenic sea view, and Pandora at night, illuminated by moons in the skyline and nebulas all over the ground, all set against Avatar’s signature blue and turquoise coloring.

On top of that, the concept art from Avatar 2 wasn’t even the only taste of Pandora that fans got at the 2020 Consumer Show. Along with it, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its Vision AVTR, an electric concept car, inspired by the film, which is nothing short of spectacular. Not only is its design the boiled-down essence of Pandora, but given how sacred nature is to Na’vi, an electric car with a fully recyclable organic battery is the perfect tribute to Avatar’s world and themes.

If everything goes according to plan, Avatar 2 should grace the screen in December 2021, followed by 3 more films, released in 2-year intervals.

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