Benjamin Navy Unleashes Vibrant Mix of Latin-Fused R&B with “Permission”

A blend of bachata and '90s R&B

NJ artist Benhamin Navy has just released his latest single “Permission.” A track that has the pulse of a Dominican heartthrob and the memories of NYC Salsa. It’s velvety blend of Dominican inspired Bachata with ’90s R&B confidence is sure to get the party dancing.

In the vibrant streets of Perth Amboy, NJ, the home of “la playita”, right beside the pulsating heart of Washington Heights, the soulful rhythms of Latin music, shake from households to cars. For Benjamin Navy, whose real name is Ambiorix Jose Ramirez-Perez, these rhythms aren’t just memories; they’re the very foundation of his musical identity.

Drawing inspiration from these loud vibrant landscapes and the ill-fated histories of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Benjamin Navy crafts a musical narrative that’s both intimate and universal. He introduces listeners to the forbidden allure of the countryside genre, Bachata—a sound that was once shunned, now revered—and melds it with the velvety urgency that defined male ’90s R&B. The result? His latest track, “Permission.”

The song dances between sentiments. “She came with you, but she’s leaving with me” is fighting with, “wait, but I miss you”, a duality that Navy highlights as an expression of vulnerability. It’s a celebration of love, longing, and the memories etched into the rhythms of our past.

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