The Pulp Comic Adaptations of Ray Bradbury’s Science Fiction To Be Republished

It is the original 1950s comics that will return

As BoingBoing reports, the pulp comic adaptations of Ray Bradbury’s science fiction books from the ’50s are to be republished. 

The original series was published by EC Comics, which was only around for about fifteen years. But in that short time, the fledging comic company was able to establish itself as a cult icon, thanks to a few offbeat anthology collections you may have heard of like Tales from the Crypt and MAD Magazine.

One of the company’s lesser-known ventures included a series of comic book adaptations of the work of Ray Bradbury. EC Comics put out 28 of these illustrated Bradbury comics between 1951 and 1954, featuring work by now-iconic artists such as Johnny Craig, Reed Crandall, Jack Davis, and others.

Now, Fantagraphics is remastering and republishing all of these comics for the first time ever in a single oversized hardcover volume. Home to Stay!: The Complete Ray Bradbury EC Stories comes out on October 25.

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