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Death Grips – Year of the Snitch Reaction

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Death Grips, the angry and angsty metal/noise-rap group from Sacramento is back with another angry and angsty project for us all to scream our lungs out too. For how anti-industry they may appear to be on the surface, they’ve basically become tried and true industry stalwarts in their own way. Like much of their music, much of Year of the Snitch is barely legible, with most lyrics of any note being drowned out by the constant noise rushing in all around. It’s volatile, angry, aggressive, and unrelentingly experimental – basically everything we’ve come to expect from a Death Grips project. It’s almost impossible to critically critique their music due to the highly ambiguous nature of it all, but it’s one of those things either you like or you don’t. Definitely not an everyday listen for me but when it is a listen, it’s an explosive, fun ride.

There are some folksy moments on the album but for the most part it all has a heavy funk flavor to it and paired with their smooth synths and soft melodies, it makes for some The Gorillaz's most unassuming and non-threatening music yet.
Solid stoner fare fit for your next bad trip. It was gnarly, but could be improved with more melodic range.
Like a lot of today's music, trying to put a label on or even describe their overall sound is damn near impossible. It's a little bit of pop, a little bit of punk, a little bit of electronic, a little bit of hip-hop, and a whole lot of countless other influences. It all sounds highly experimental, and a bit chaotic, but never so much that they lose their cool. Young Fathers have crafted something special here and I've found it difficult to pull myself away. This one is a must experience.

First to kneel cursed to feel
Trust me trust us we know you will
Tide come crashing in like steel
Makes your passions taste so stale

– “Linda’s in Custody”

Have you heard Year of the Snitch? What’d you think about it? How does this compare to their other projects? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Death Grips – Year of the Snitch Reaction
It's volatile, angry, aggressive, and unrelentingly experimental - basically everything we've come to expect from a Death Grips project.
Black Paint
Death Grips Is Online

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