Poetry Corner- Lessons learned

Welcome back to living. life. fearless! and to the first of many posts in Poetry Corner. In my intro post (…Platform 9 and three-quarters) I mentioned that among art,video and music, I would also be sharing poetry.

Poetry is a form of literary art where language is used for it aesthetic qualities(emotional tone). My perspective is that poetry can be insightful but also fun; when i write i try to puzzle piece  feelings, words, and my ideas  together until i feel confident in the result.

 This is an original poem that I wrote this past week that i titled ” Lessons Learned”; I will be posting both my original poems and work by other poets, both amateur and professional. This poem represents how I have been feeling about life, and the things I feel I’ve come to understand about it.


Lessons learned, lessons learned, life’s all about lessons learned

not about the money earned, A better self should be your concern

proof is in the pudding, input equals output

focus on what your doing and detail your outlook

experience don’t make the man, actions do that

Heroes and idols are nobodies until they make an impact

if your path is true stay hard as a rock from the heavens

Impact somebodies life and maybe you can be a blessing

as if you came from the sky they’ll ask where did you come from

I came from life’s lessons and learned what it means to need someone

lessons learned, lessons learned, life’s all about lessons learned

not about the money earned,

its the connections you make and the things that you’ve learned.


Once again we encourage comments and feedback, so if this post or any other post (past and future) touches you or makes you feel like sharing  please do, and let us know how you feel. We’re all in this thing called life together so I know we all have something we can share about it.

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