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Poetry Corner- Educate your sight, Educate your Feelings

Hey all! Its me again, Artist D. Walker and I'm here bringing you one more of my original poems. (Don't worry, it wont be my poetry every time.) So I'm currently in the process of writing several poems for my Contemporary Art class. I think they are coming out pretty well so I thought I might share with you some of what I've come up with so far. After you read the poem, please take a few moments to leave me some feedback. Write a comment on how it made you feel, or what things you can relate to in the writing etc.(this goes for all the posts on our site). I love to get feedback and responses because it helps me grow, so whether you like or dislike it please tell me whats on your mind( why you like it or dislike it, and what it's doing for you). This is a community so sharing is very important and the fact that you visited the site means you are important to me (and the LLF Team)......

Poetry Corner- Lessons learned

Welcome back to living. life. fearless! and to the first of many posts in Poetry Corner. In my intro post (...Platform 9 and three-quarters) I mentioned that among art,video and music, I would also be sharing poetry. Poetry is a form of literary art where language is used for it aesthetic qualities(emotional tone). My perspective is that poetry can be insightful but also fun; when i write i try to puzzle piece feelings, words, and my ideas together until i feel confident in the result. This is an original poem that I wrote this past week that i titled " Lessons Learned"; I will be posting both my original poems and work by other poets, both amateur and professional. This poem represents how I have been feeling about life, and the things I feel I've come to understand about it......

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